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These are quite ugly
To my eye - that is one fug-ly looking pair of boots. I'm sure they're well made but I just don't get it with the over the top boots and colors with cloth combos.
I've been wearing Alden shoes for 9 years - and I still wear virtually every pair I've purchased (probably 8 pairs). Some of them have been resoled 4 times.. When I've had issues, I've sent my shoes back to Alden - they have always made repairs and adjustments. In one case, they weren't happy by how I was treated by a retailer and gave me 'factory credit' to purchase another pair of shoes.In addition, Alden and AE produce shoes in many widths and lasts - they produce a...
You're forgetting Allen Edmonds - which produces many more shoes in the USA every year than Alden.
When you respond to someone, you should click on the 'QUOTE" button below the post, rather than the 'REPLY" button. This will ensure that the original post is included in your reply.
I concur 100%
I own cap toes, perf cap toes, medallion cap toes, v-tips, and medallion cap toe boots - all on the Alden Modified Last.
These do look really great. Might sound silly but I really love the laces as well.How is the fit?
What did you end up doing with this pair of shoes? I'm sure StC will take another crack at the refinishing or give you a new pair of shoes.
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