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Not quite sure you can get the same level of construction and finish from Vogel - but i have no experience with Vogel - never stopped in to see them. I'd be interested in hearing about your experience re: Vogel. If i recall correctly, the reviews on SF and AAAC have been mixed to negative but the sample size is pretty small.
http://www.saintcrispins.com/service/bespoke/I saw it on this link..
where is the thread?
I agree with you - if you want pink boots then buy them - it's your decision. MTO gives you virtually endless choices and if money isn't a concern, then spend away. I don't want to tell YOU how to spend your money. But again - I hope you don't buy pink StC boots.However, you can't underestimate the influence that these threads have on SF members and other guys just searching the web for "St. Crispin Shoes." If every comment on the thread is simply "congrats,...
I think you'll find my post above an adequate follow-up to my ugly post. I think they're ugly - but I respect that he thinks they are beautiful. We simply disagree.I think the knee-jerk reaction on this thread is to immediately compliment rather than critique. Lot's of money flying around for StC RTW and MTO - I think we should have a more critical eye. It's helpful in decision making.In general - I've been very impressed with what I've seen in this thread and...
I concur 100%...But I think we should be respectful and not necessarily polite on this forum.I wouldn't wear those boots nor would most men on this forum (at any price point). I hope the owner enjoys wearing them - I'm sure they were carefully selected and are lovingly maintained. And I believe in my heart that they are very well constructed.
These are quite ugly
To my eye - that is one fug-ly looking pair of boots. I'm sure they're well made but I just don't get it with the over the top boots and colors with cloth combos.
I've been wearing Alden shoes for 9 years - and I still wear virtually every pair I've purchased (probably 8 pairs). Some of them have been resoled 4 times.. When I've had issues, I've sent my shoes back to Alden - they have always made repairs and adjustments. In one case, they weren't happy by how I was treated by a retailer and gave me 'factory credit' to purchase another pair of shoes.In addition, Alden and AE produce shoes in many widths and lasts - they produce a...
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