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I inquired a few years ago - They do not stock EEE. Also - Alden will not make ML last boots in EEE... You will need to go with another last if you need 'em very WIDE
I concur Dopey - You are not going to get the same as original and I have had some issues along the way (which they have always corrected).I have been using Eneslow quite a bit in the past 18 months and have been very happy with their work. They are a bit more expensive than Moulded shoe and their focus is going to be a bit more functional than fashion... What I mean here is that you can get excellent leather dress soles but I'm not quite sure they are going to have...
I took a look at the shoes and boots at my local J Crew again yesterday. I still don't see what you guys are talking about. They look like knock-off Alden's with cheaper leather. Whether it's the long wings or the knock-off Indy Boots... They look better in the catalogue then they do in person. Of course if they are constructed well, then they break in/fit well and they will last and they do look cool (other than the leather when you look up close).. At the $300...
Rule of thumb - If the ML shoe or boot purchased at Moulded Shoe has a rubber sole, it tends to come with a removable insert. I've had this throw off the shoe fit for me, as I have my own removable orthotic. However, most people have no problem with the sizing. I haven't seen any leather-soled ML come with an insert.
Is the stitching / shape a bit different on the Anatomica model? I stopped by Moulded recently and their ML indy looks a bit different. I think Moulded should order some U-Tips... They are big on the NST's but the U-Tips are a great looking shoe
I think you'll find the ML boots to be as / or more comfortable than the shoes. You're getting the same last with the higher / added ankle support of a boot. I still hate that Alden no longer makes EEE widths for ML boots - something with the cutting machine. Game over...Did you buy anything in Boston? Given that Alden is HQ's in MA, i always find it odd that you have to hunt around for Alden shoes while in Boston.
I'm a little color blind - are these more brown or cordovan in color? I like the color - trying to get a better description.
Q: Are you wearing your orthotics in your StC shoes?It's quite difficult to determine whether or not you are going to have a good fit with Orthotics without wearing your shoes for a while. Your shoes will break in and your Orthotics will settle... If you are ordering a 'adjusted last' shoe then you didn't have that opportunity - you had to 'get long' before you tried them on..In choosing a pair of shoes, whether RTW, adjusted last (like your case) or be-spoke, it makes...
Those are V-Tips, no?
Never seen that video - Thanks for posting
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