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Rafael told me years ago that they tried ML on a Chukka and had some issues with fit - so the stopped making them and stuck with boots. I was surprised to see the Japanese Chukka Model - looked nice IMO.... I bet the Moulded guys would ultimately reject a Chukka request.
EEE No more on boots - no problem with shoes...
Anyone else wear 9.5 EEE?
Anyone have the a Grenadine Fina Swatch Set ready to lend? Please PM me if you do - I'm getting ready to order! Thanks, Mike147
I would give these guys a call: http://www.wideshoes.com/ Company called Hitchcock. Looks like they start with a size 7 but seems to accommodate widths. Perhaps they will build something for you in a 4.5 EEE I would check out boys sizes for sure - see if you can get something in a E. Also - call the guys at Eneslow in NY and see if they have any suggestions.... At the end of the day - I hope you can find something ready to wear, however, I think you need to be...
I ordered the Melchbourne in Dark Brown Bridle leather today - There is a 10% off coupon today and tomorrow - use the code: "eastertreats" Should be shipped today or Monday - customer service so far has been excellent (i asked lots of questions via email). They subtracted 20% VAT and 10% Discount + shipping to the US. Looking forward to receiving the brief.
Looks like they have the "Clipper" model on their website - maybe they have models more in the store. Thanks for the note - I'll try to get up there in the next few days
Try Joe Hemrajani at Mytailor.com - I've had good service from him for years and he has always made adjustments when I was less than 100% satisfied. I don't buy everything from him but can vouch that whenever I've had a problem, Joe made it right.
Couple of things that could impact this:1. When i started wearing ML in 9.5EEE, i was 25 pounds heavier - that could be a reason. Weight loss can change foot size2. I wear orthotics - and this is a complete game changer in terms of sizing. My othotics have changed in the past few years.3. Shell Cordovan shoes, IMO, fit a bit bigger than Calf.I think if the ML shoes / boots you are wearing fit well, then you shouldn't have a problem. Especially if you do not wear...
I've been on a search for a nice leather work bag for quite some time now. Been using a TUMI messenger for the past 8 years - It's help up well for sure but doesn't have handles and is made of ballistic nylon... Again - great messenger bag and in my experience, TUMI stands behind their product. I checked out their current offerings - don't love the styling in leather and most bags are produced in China, so for the pricepoint, I don't need a second TUMI bag... The first...
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