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I ordered the Melchbourne in Dark Brown Bridle leather today - There is a 10% off coupon today and tomorrow - use the code: "eastertreats" Should be shipped today or Monday - customer service so far has been excellent (i asked lots of questions via email). They subtracted 20% VAT and 10% Discount + shipping to the US. Looking forward to receiving the brief.
Looks like they have the "Clipper" model on their website - maybe they have models more in the store. Thanks for the note - I'll try to get up there in the next few days
Try Joe Hemrajani at Mytailor.com - I've had good service from him for years and he has always made adjustments when I was less than 100% satisfied. I don't buy everything from him but can vouch that whenever I've had a problem, Joe made it right.
Couple of things that could impact this:1. When i started wearing ML in 9.5EEE, i was 25 pounds heavier - that could be a reason. Weight loss can change foot size2. I wear orthotics - and this is a complete game changer in terms of sizing. My othotics have changed in the past few years.3. Shell Cordovan shoes, IMO, fit a bit bigger than Calf.I think if the ML shoes / boots you are wearing fit well, then you shouldn't have a problem. Especially if you do not wear...
I've been on a search for a nice leather work bag for quite some time now. Been using a TUMI messenger for the past 8 years - It's help up well for sure but doesn't have handles and is made of ballistic nylon... Again - great messenger bag and in my experience, TUMI stands behind their product. I checked out their current offerings - don't love the styling in leather and most bags are produced in China, so for the pricepoint, I don't need a second TUMI bag... The first...
Very nice... What size do you wear?
There are more than 'irregular' - they are factory rejects (with Stamp), sold through a single source Globally - The ShoeMart. Seller clearly states in his post that they are irregular - agreed. I'm simply think that this should be more prominently displayed in the post.
My feet are normal, maybe D or single E - have a thick orthotic so EEE is all that fits. The EEE width does not do the Modified Last, or any last, any favors in terms if styling Will try to find some pics - there's one on AAAC for sure
I'll do a little more research before I order. In terms of construction - what have you guys gone with? I like a 'average sized' knot with dimple and usually go 1/2 Windsor. David seems to recommend 3-fold for his grenadine silks - no idea if it should be lined or unlined. Still considering width but I'm just going to measure the width of my favorite RTW tie and go with that...I saw patrickbooth's tie - he sold it. Really looks great - wish David had that color in...
How long have you guys been waiting for Standard Grenadine in terms of delivery? I'm thinking about ordering a few - all for suits, daywear, not evening wear... I wear suits for work, Monday thru Thursday and occasionally on Fridays Looking for one in Red/Wine - Checking the Dark Red One in Blue - Checking out the Navy and One is Silver / Gray - Checking out the Sky Blue/Silver or Charcoal Gray/Silver All in Grenadine Garza Fina Solid Ties... Any opinions on the above?...
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