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Yeah - I think I'm likely to save up for something be-spoke... Cap Toe, Per Cap-toe, V-Tip, i have too many versions of the same shoe and I never really warmed up to the V
Anyone jumping on these? http://mouldedshoe.tumblr.com/post/28419223313/new-custom-case-arrival-alden-54911-brown I have an old pair of these that I wear pretty often. They are Footbalance line construction, not fully leather-lined... have been resoled 3 times so far and are losing their mojo. Thinking about scooping these up but not 100% sure... Hoping to save up 2k Euro for a pair of custom in Vienna if I can swing a business trip to europe. These split toes are...
Euro gets weaker versus USD - 1.1700 is next stop, then lower
They had the V-Tip in #8 and sold them out quickly. Leffot had them as well - I have 2 pairs of V-Tips in Calf (brown suede and smooth brown). They are funky - no getting around it - just not the best looking shoe for $500... I prefer the ML Cap Toe and if you ask nicely they might very well do this for you... I think you're looking at $700-800 if they accept the order.. Unfortunately, Moulded Shoe has not been the best place to source ML Shell - but you can't beat...
Bring back the Schilling too!! Everything is weak versus Dollars these days (except Swiss) - You are seriously right about the HUF man... It can make a real impact on your purchases in Budapest
Drop by the Alden Shop on Madison if you can and talk to them. If your request is simple - i.e. an existing ML shoe in the catalogue in #8 or Black Shell, they you can get it done. You have to wait a while - maybe 6 months + and deal with an up-charge, but i guess you'll save $500+ (if they accept your order).V-Vip and Cap Toe are possible on ML - it just has to be simple and something based off the Footbalance line catalogue. And it really need to be a simple shell...
$1300 + shipping for these is completely unreasonable IMO.... This is a $550 pair of shoes, nothing more - looks like #8
Anatomica does not stock EEE - I believe the stock to E width
I think that this pair is just too big and I might be fucked... They were a special make-up, single pair, so I'm stuck with them. There is one very good shop in Manhattan i will try to consult on the fit....
Any idea retail in EURO?
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