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Very nicely done! Were these bespoke or RTW? Would you mind telling us what they cost you?
That includes shoe trees as well. This is worth some investigation for sure - plenty of good posts and articles online for Maftei. I was in Vienna doing this last week and should have my first pair in mid-to-late February.
For Calf, Maftei will run you around EURO 1000 including VAT. That includes EURO 100 for the last.. think if you want the Banana last - Vass will build you a shoe on it.And consider Maftei - he has a proxy in Mass that measures clients for him.. check his website:
When you hit $1100+ for a pair of Aldens I just have to throw up my hands and scream. At some point, with overseas sourcing from France or Japan - you have to seek a better option. For starters, in RTW/MTO, Vass is a superior shoe. Higher quality control, better materials, more hand work and many, many more options (lasts, leather, styling, insole adjustments, etc) for a lower cost. You can get this done without jumping on a plane to Budapest if you do some homework...
Wow - I really find this fit pic and others posted to be fascinating. When in the be-spoke process does this typically occur? Is the fitter using a test shoe?I was measured by Mr. Glasgow in NYC a few months back - they are building a balmoral that will accommodate my orthotic and I will have my next fitting appointment sometime in March/April. Given how tough I am to fit, I might benefit greatly from this process. Is this something I can request beforehand? Any...
Nordstrom has the "non-classics" on sale - about 30% off..
Not seeing it either
Anyone hearing of post XMAS sales that capture Barbour?
I think your probability of getting this done is close to 0. Unless you have a deformity that requires you to wear a special medical device/shoe, I can't see them proscribing this or your HSA approving this charge (it's highly unlikely that they will allow an HSA approved transaction to flow through from a retailer like Moulded Shoe, Alden Shop, etc... )
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