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Thanks much...
Can i please ask you to explain what "End" and "IE January Package" refer to? Thanks, Mike
I had my Filson coat re-proofed and it came back looking great - I'm pretty sure they outsource it to a place in New England....
How much do you think it would cost to ship it back to the UK from the USA?
Thanks for the feedback - very helpful. Now I just need someone to exchange my thornproof for a Sylkoil... Not quite sure how to get this done but I suspect Orvis or one of the Barbour dealer in NYC will be helpful... Anyone know of other big box retailers in NYC that carry Barbour?Which I knew about Oi Poloi before pulling the trigger with Bloomingdales,,,
Can you expand on why you like the Sylkoil better - is it less waterproof than the thornproof? Is the olive much different in color than the sage???
OK.. I followed the advice I received on this board and picked up a Bedale online at Bloomingdales on sale - The problem is that they only carry the jacket in black. I think I have more interest in Sage so now I have to find someone that will let me exchange a legit US-Sourced Jacket for another color. Any ideas?
Does Orvis or the Barbour stores in NYC ever run sales on Beaufort, Bedale, etc? Thinking post-XMAS if it makes sense to wait... I won't limit myself to the above two retailers - just looking for someone with legit inventory and good customer service... I have 2 Filson Weekenders - love them but I really love the look of the Bedale...
I have a pair of Alden Perf Cap Toes in Shell Color #8 - 9.5 EEE on the Modified Last - Willing to consider parting with them. This was a custom one-pair make-up from Alden
Are you referring to boots or shoes? For shoes - I do think that the sizes have changed a bit. Look for an earlier post from me for more details.. I don't think you can directly compare boot fit to shoe fit.
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