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The Alden Shop on Madison had a run of these last year in Shell Black & #8 - I assume they are all gone.... Now Moulded Shoe has an order in for them.. I have a few V-Tips and they are not my favorite style for sure...The fact that Alden would make a special run of any Modified Last Shell Cordovan for The Alden Shop(privately owned btw)/Leffot before Moulded Shoe is complete bullshit. The crew on 39th Street was very upset when they found out. These guys have been...
Rafael told me years ago that they tried ML on a Chukka and had some issues with fit - so the stopped making them and stuck with boots. I was surprised to see the Japanese Chukka Model - looked nice IMO.... I bet the Moulded guys would ultimately reject a Chukka request.
EEE No more on boots - no problem with shoes...
Anyone else wear 9.5 EEE?
Anyone have the a Grenadine Fina Swatch Set ready to lend? Please PM me if you do - I'm getting ready to order! Thanks, Mike147
I would give these guys a call: http://www.wideshoes.com/ Company called Hitchcock. Looks like they start with a size 7 but seems to accommodate widths. Perhaps they will build something for you in a 4.5 EEE I would check out boys sizes for sure - see if you can get something in a E. Also - call the guys at Eneslow in NY and see if they have any suggestions.... At the end of the day - I hope you can find something ready to wear, however, I think you need to be...
I ordered the Melchbourne in Dark Brown Bridle leather today - There is a 10% off coupon today and tomorrow - use the code: "eastertreats" Should be shipped today or Monday - customer service so far has been excellent (i asked lots of questions via email). They subtracted 20% VAT and 10% Discount + shipping to the US. Looking forward to receiving the brief.
Looks like they have the "Clipper" model on their website - maybe they have models more in the store. Thanks for the note - I'll try to get up there in the next few days
Try Joe Hemrajani at Mytailor.com - I've had good service from him for years and he has always made adjustments when I was less than 100% satisfied. I don't buy everything from him but can vouch that whenever I've had a problem, Joe made it right.
Couple of things that could impact this:1. When i started wearing ML in 9.5EEE, i was 25 pounds heavier - that could be a reason. Weight loss can change foot size2. I wear orthotics - and this is a complete game changer in terms of sizing. My othotics have changed in the past few years.3. Shell Cordovan shoes, IMO, fit a bit bigger than Calf.I think if the ML shoes / boots you are wearing fit well, then you shouldn't have a problem. Especially if you do not wear...
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