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How much do they charge? Does that include shipping? Assuming from the US that shipping is about $65 to Europe with insurance (senders cost).
Any update on the fit? Seems like you were concerned about the width (pictures). Will StC take them back for adjustments - seems like they are close to the fit you wanted and might require a small adjustment? Expect that's a minor adjustment but would need to put the shoes back on the last.How do they feel when you wear them? Comfortable or can you feel that they are a bit too wide?Just curious how much they cost? Shipping back and forth for adjustment is a PITA but...
I still have my ML Shell #8 PCT Shoes in 9.5 EEE - In excellent shape and you'll never see them again outside of Japan or Anatomica Or you can just go AH bespoke and get whatever you want...
How do the uppers look? Assume they did a full resole and restored the uppers, insole, etc. New sole is always going to look like a.... new sole. How much did recraft cost?
Sorry to hear about this - Hope you got good money for them on ebay. I've had similar issues where same size ML have fit differently on different styles. Have a pair of Shell #8 shoes sitting in my closet because of the same issue and some calf as well.I would recommend you take a look at something bespoke or try-on in person before you buy. Moulded shoe sells a good # of boots and if you're ever in NY you can try on.
If your feet aren't bothering you - I don't see why you need orthotics. You can try the Alden Modified last - has a narrow heel cup with plenty of room in the forefoot. Bespoke would help as well - you could certainly have a shoe built that will alleviate that buckling and tightness in the forefoot.Orthotics will make the process of attaining a good shoe fit more difficult, not easier...
How much are they charging? Bet somewhere between $675-725 is my bet.
Fritzl has helped me tremendously - met with him 2x in Vienna in the past 3-4 years as I have ordered shoes from Maftei. I saw him last month in Vienna when i ordered my 3rd pair of shoes. I will post photos when available - hope to get them some time next month. I also had my first pair resoled while in town - they will be shipped with my new shoes - will send pics of those as well.
I think they should be able to handle this for you. For phone orders that are to be shipped outside of France/EU, you should really just be charged the ex-VAT price.
Cleverley fittings were executed without the sole attached. I found it very difficult to assess fit as i had to insert my orthotic into the shoe with a thin temporary sole covering, no heel (very tough to walk around, etc). Once the sole was attached and the shoe finished, I had plenty of complaints with regards to tightness in the front of the shoe. Attempts made to achieve a better result have failed.Maftei started with a test shoe that was made of cheaper materials...
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