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Rule of thumb - If the ML shoe or boot purchased at Moulded Shoe has a rubber sole, it tends to come with a removable insert. I've had this throw off the shoe fit for me, as I have my own removable orthotic. However, most people have no problem with the sizing. I haven't seen any leather-soled ML come with an insert.
Is the stitching / shape a bit different on the Anatomica model? I stopped by Moulded recently and their ML indy looks a bit different. I think Moulded should order some U-Tips... They are big on the NST's but the U-Tips are a great looking shoe
I think you'll find the ML boots to be as / or more comfortable than the shoes. You're getting the same last with the higher / added ankle support of a boot. I still hate that Alden no longer makes EEE widths for ML boots - something with the cutting machine. Game over...Did you buy anything in Boston? Given that Alden is HQ's in MA, i always find it odd that you have to hunt around for Alden shoes while in Boston.
I'm a little color blind - are these more brown or cordovan in color? I like the color - trying to get a better description.
Q: Are you wearing your orthotics in your StC shoes?It's quite difficult to determine whether or not you are going to have a good fit with Orthotics without wearing your shoes for a while. Your shoes will break in and your Orthotics will settle... If you are ordering a 'adjusted last' shoe then you didn't have that opportunity - you had to 'get long' before you tried them on..In choosing a pair of shoes, whether RTW, adjusted last (like your case) or be-spoke, it makes...
Those are V-Tips, no?
Never seen that video - Thanks for posting
I get where you're coming from but I think that as a bespoke maker, Maftei is going to build what his clientele wants (within the realm of Maftei's philosophy and flexibility). So shoes out of Vienna may look quite different in last/style than what someone will want out of Bucharest or New York. Many of Vass' newer lasts are built to appeal to an expanded audience outside of their traditional shapes / lasts but they still maintain their traditional lasts.What I saw in...
Alexandru Maftei was trained and worked for many years at Rudolf Scheer. Most of the men and women in the Maftei workshops have apprenticed at Scheer and some family members continue to work there. Check out the article below - If you check out Maftei's workshops in Vienna, I can assure you that he is part of the AH tradition.http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2012/02/maftei-interviewpost-by-claymoor.html
What size do you wear in ML?
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