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How much are they charging? Bet somewhere between $675-725 is my bet.
Fritzl has helped me tremendously - met with him 2x in Vienna in the past 3-4 years as I have ordered shoes from Maftei. I saw him last month in Vienna when i ordered my 3rd pair of shoes. I will post photos when available - hope to get them some time next month. I also had my first pair resoled while in town - they will be shipped with my new shoes - will send pics of those as well.
I think they should be able to handle this for you. For phone orders that are to be shipped outside of France/EU, you should really just be charged the ex-VAT price.
Cleverley fittings were executed without the sole attached. I found it very difficult to assess fit as i had to insert my orthotic into the shoe with a thin temporary sole covering, no heel (very tough to walk around, etc). Once the sole was attached and the shoe finished, I had plenty of complaints with regards to tightness in the front of the shoe. Attempts made to achieve a better result have failed.Maftei started with a test shoe that was made of cheaper materials...
Sorry i never followed up on this thread. Bottom line - I never got a good result in terms of fit. Nice museum piece in my closet but after many, many fittings and adjustments my shoes just don't fit well. They are too tight and my feet kill me at the end of the day. I gave up for now - maybe i'll go back to speak with George again but I honestly think it's going to be a waste of time... I would not recommend Cleverley to someone with similar foot issues. I have two...
I have a pair of Shell #8 Perf Cap Toe in ML and a pair of Black Calf Medallion Cap Toe (special make-up from Moulded Shoe). Both have been worn.. - the Shell #8 pair have only been worn 10-15 times and are in excellent shape. I ordered the PCTs through the Alden Shop in NYC - single order special make up. Alden no longer allows this.ML is similar to the Barrie Last in the forefoot (width and volume) but has a more narrow waist and heel cup. Very comfortable last.
I have a 2 pairs Alden Modified Last in 9.5EEE if anyone is interested. One pair is in Shell Color #8... They are too big for me. I've gone to be-spoke now. Not buying anymore RTW shoes and boots unless they're $250 waterproof boots. Bespoke is the way to go if you can afford to spend about $850-1000 a pair.
What size do you wear? You should be able to obtain the few basic styles rather easily and will have to wait on the custom make-ups.How much does Anatomica charge these days for Calf and for Shell? Just can't see paying more than current US retail equivalent for Alden - Low $700s is really the ceiling for hard to get custom make--up boots and shoes in shell. IMO, it would have to be something very special for you to drop that much cash on Alden.Haven't bought a new...
Anyone get any new shoes? Been very quiet here... Please post if you have anything!
You'd really need to try it on to see if it works for you...
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