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Spend the extra money and try a pair of Vass. I think they're much better constructed shoes and you can get a variety of shell and much bigger selection of styles than Alden.
I guess that's about right... Seems that most Alden shops are charging over $700 for Shell shoes and up to high 700s for Shell boots. I think that's a hell of a lot of money for what you're getting but with the price seems in range with other retailers for sure.
Question is will you be able to get some of the Styles that Anatomica makes at Moulded... U Tip and NST would be a hit in Black, Color #8 and others. Looks like they are expecting some Long Wings in Black Shell and a few other models to include the V-Tip and Cap-Toe plus some more boots.. Love these guys so I hope they sell a ton of shoes and stay in business forever even though I'm no longer a regular customer.. I just save up for more Maftei shoesHow much were your...
I understand where you're coming from with a vendor perspective. Just think for individuals wearing the shoes - the JR is stamped on the sole and after you've worn them a few times the JR is scratched away. For people who know about shoe construction, JR is recognized as a high quality producer of leather soles - always costs more to have your shoes resoled in NY with JR Brand.
Nice to see that they made those adjustments for you. Assume the F Last was the best fit for you to begin with. May I ask how much the Boots cost you?Has anyone tried full bespoke from Vass? Anyone know what the fee is?Also a styling question - how do you guys determine the leather you would like to use in the MTO shoes remotely? Has Vass ever sent you leather swatches? I'm not interested in Shell - appreciate how it shines and wears but I don't like the way it breaks...
Any idea what the up-charge would be for MTM for Calf? I don't think i'll be making it to Budapest anytime soon so not likely to be an option for me unless they start to expand globally. I would visit Maftei in Vienna before Vass in Budapest but would consider a Vass shoe if I could get something from a standard last with small adjustments that would cost me less than Maftei. Not sure if that is possible tbh...
Does Vass implement any sizing adjustments in their MTO program, akin to what's StC does? Do they have a bespoke program? If so, does anyone know the cost(s)?
Techaview- They look great. You should get to wearing them and break them in. Certainly going to be stiffer at first that what you are accustomed to. Adjustments can also be made to the fit of course but you're not going to know what you need until you wear them for a while.
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