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How much are they charging in Euros for shoes and for boots?
Beautiful stuff again from Anatomica but how much are you willing to pay for Alden RTW?? I just don't think there's a strong value proposition at close to $1000 USD for a pair of Alden RTW. I've repeated it a few too may times here but once you hit that level, you need to consider bespoke options like Maftei and other AH makers. I'm paying about $1000 USD shipped for Maftei and the fit is FAR superior and construction and materials simply not comparable.Alden ML Shell...
Some nice new ML boots posted on Moulded Shoe Tumbler. No EEE of course but one pair of Shell and one pair of calf. Any ideas on how much Moulded is charging for these boots?
The Shell petition is dead... Alden is protecting their Japanese market - i don't see them changing their tune
I had a pair or two on the Barrie last before I started to wear ML. I don't think you'll get a good fit on another Alden last now that your are used to wearing the ML.If you live near NY, you can always check out the Alden Shop on Madison - they have a good selection and you can at least try on different lasts. Ive heard from one retailer that the Van last is closer to the ML than other lasts but I doubt it will feel the same. The ML also gives you a Thomas Heel which...
Any word on your shoes yet? you should get something by end of summer i think (but August vacations slow things down)
You should try on both but I think the bottom line here is that an E in the Barrie will be very close to an E in the Modified Last across the toes. The rest of the Modified Last shoe will be very different than the Barrie. The heel cup is much narrower and fit is much snugger across the instep. An E in the Modified will appear sleeker/narrower than an E in the Barrie but should provide you with similar 'volume' in the front of the shoe. I think you should try on an E...
I'm sure that Maftei will make you another pair of trees. If you are concerned about it, shoot them an email. The 3-piece trees that Gerd has posted pictures of on a few threads look awesome. The standard trees I have for my shoes are great.
But can you actually have a combination heel size custom made by Alden on the Barrie? Answer is certainly no. They do very little in the way of customization for clients these days...
Do the shoes still fit your feet?I don't think shoe trees need to fit your shoes like a glove in order to be functional. Hopefully they 'work' well which is most critical. I'd like to try the 3-piece trees next time as well.
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