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Quote: Originally Posted by aaaeeeiiiooouuu LOLwut are you sure you weren't looking at one from the factory store? Or maybe they changed it... I have the thinsulate peacoat from FW09 and the wool is thick and supple - certainly not thin or flimsy or wrinkly. Also, the fit is relatively trim in comparison to other JC items (FYI I'm 5'6/130 and wear an XS). EDIT: woops just realized you were referring to that trenchcoat; my bad No worries...
Quote: Originally Posted by gnowad What does everyone think of newly released trench coat? Looks nice to me, but seems to be priced way too high... http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/o...1199/31199.jsp I thought it looked nice from the photos too, so I went to check it out in the store today. It looks fine, but I was horribly disappointed by the quality of the wool. The wool is really thin and flimsy, and was wrinkled in some places,...
Thanks. Forgot to ask what size and measurements?
Quote: Originally Posted by London Here you go. I've worn it once. Attachment 36516 Hmm it says invalid link?
Quote: Originally Posted by London I got the J Crew mackintosh. It's a nice coat but I've barely worn it and considering selling it. Do you have a photo?
that j crew mackintosh is one good looking jacket -- the navy looks great. i'd have to try it on for fit and the breathability issue that sipang brings up, though. i think the men's store/liquor store in nyc has them. but that's once i make enough money to drop that much on a jacket.
Thanks, I'll give them a call tomorrow. Though, I was planning on asking them to do the inseam, even though it's more complicated, since I want to preserve the selvage.
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard Return them stat. The inseam is a chainstitch (pic 2), and if that loose thread breaks, that chainstitch will pull out and unravel like an anchor-line off a boat if the loose thread end is pulled on. It would cause me some worry for sure. it's a production error, so I don't think you should ask questions, just return them. Don't feel bad about it. These jeans are hand-sewn, so you will see small discrepancies...
I hope this is the right place to ask this question -- I'd appreciate some advice. I recently received some Rag & Bone RB11's in the mail, and I just noticed that there is some strange stitching in the inseam. It looks like it "skips" about 2 inches along the leg near the ankle area. Is this normal...? I've attached 2 photos, one of the outside of the jean and one of the inside. I emailed custservice@rag-bone.com, but they haven't replied, probably because it's a weekend.
Quote: Originally Posted by flojpenn http://www.magnificentbastard.com/im...ne-topcoat.jpg not sure if it's new but kinda cool i think this is something they have every year F/W. i picked one up this winter -- the thinsulate works well. i got it in S and the shoulders fit well, but the fit around the waist was a little boxy, so i got the sides taken in at a tailor they recommended. i'm not the biggest fan of the hidden buttons, but...
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