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I have seen a suit jacket which has arm joins that are raised and not sat flat at the shoulder part ? Is this some kind of new style or influenced by any particular past aspect?
Thanks for the reply, I see what you mean in that it bunches more on the knee, think I am more a tapered slim fit than a curved then!
Can anyone explain why curved jeans are so popular? I have recently been looking to buy more jeans and am wondering what body types this style suits and what it actually does for someone's legs and body in terms of looks? Advice appreciated!
I am currently having a sort out of items as am moving into a flat so reluctantly am selling a lot of items I have amassed but in truth hardly/if ever worn. Here for sale is a Harvie and Hudson covert coat in navy blue with a velvet collar. Bought last year so worn one winter and since been hung up in a fabric suit bag. It retails new at £350 (http://www.harvieandhudson.com/product/649/Clothing/Coats___Raincoats) so is a real bargain here. Cannot state anything other...
By the way if anyone lives in the Notts area and wants to try before they buy or look at it then that's fine.
I'm reluctantly selling this as I am downsizing. It is unworn and so is a chance to grab an absolute bargain. Only had it two years. Has been hung up in a cloth suit bag so as new in condition. It has a wonderful satin gold lining - a classic fawn fitted overcoat with a velvet collar, slanted pockets with an outer ticket pocket in pure new wool. Detailed stitching on the hem and cuffs, centre vent and inside pockets. Measurements Sleve length (measuring from top of...
Hi, what are peoples preferences regarding belts for summer trousers i.e. linen or chino trousers? I recently bought a canvas/leather mix belt and found the leather element too heavy and a bit too formal for casual wear, it also caught the heat. Anyone recommend just elastic style belts s a summer alternative?
Quote: Originally Posted by bourbonbasted I like it. Definitely summery and I feel like the "less-modern" detailing in the lapels and cut will actually help you pull it off. I feel that narrow lapels and an overly skinny look would make it look like a cheap jacket made by a company trying to push the trendy boundaries of seersucker. My one question would be what trousers you'd consider wearing with this. While my initial inclination was cream or white...
Thanks Savoir, will put it on my wish list
I'm thinking of buying a new light blazer for the summer and have found this one from Pakeman Catto and Carter, it's an Italian cotton light blue striped one. Is the style (i'm thinking of the fairly wide lapels compared to today's high street offerings) okay or a no no - in terms of looking too old fashioned? Any opinion, constructive that is! is appreicated. http://www.pakeman.co.uk/product/102...et_Blue_Stripe
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