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Erkel, Orville Redenbacher, and Pee Wee all care about how they look.
I didn't derail anything. Others did.I came here looking to discuss toned down casual outfits that are more appropriate for real life than jester's outfits.I posted these for discussion, but my post was trolled by others.
That made me LOL. Why didn't I think of that!Go read my 2500 posts.I have greatly contributed here in my way.There is value no not just towing the party line.This might explain my storyhttp://www.styleforum.net/t/326622/renounced-mc-cbd-in-favor-of-toned-down-sharp-casual
Aye Aye Captain!I'd love to hear these interesting and important reasons!Like going to a Caddyshack themed party?Holdfast, all you're missing is this to complete the outfit
Also, I need to pick up about 5-10 sweaters. Where do you buy your tailored fitting sweaters at a reasonable price?
As part of scaling back of my wardrobe to more sharp casual appropriateness, I plan to do more of the sweater with trousers thing look this winter. Simple yet sharp. Which is your preferred look? Crew or V-neck? I personally don't like when there is a lot of collar popping out above the V-neck. It starts to resemble a plunging neckline showing cleavage. In photo #3, he is wearing a V-neck, yet there isn't a lot of shirt popping up from the sweater opening. It looks...
That's a good one b/c people will write articles about your outfit.But, you may only be seen a few times a year.The rest, you're on set, or sitting in your mansion.
I'm not a n00b.Notice my join date.+1. Those looks are trying too hard to be like MadMen.The only response those outfits will ever get is "Why are you so dressed up?"That means you've overdressed and sticking out like a sore thumb.Actually, I've got my eye on this
Proper diet can make that belly go away.
New Posts  All Forums: