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Both the $35 Rack and JCrew jeans are 100% cotton.
What color cords do you like with your sportcoats? And where do you buy them? I am not concerned with premium labels or the SF myth of "durability". In my world, $30 pants last as long as $500 pants. I want to get some more pairs of cords that I can wear with a sport coat and wingtip boots. I have black, tan, and maroon. Using the hell out of them, and I want more. I picked up a bunch of pairs for $30-$35 last fall. JCrew, NordRack, etc. But, now they're...
QTF.In fact, most people here make $40k to $60k.Read my salary survey link below for details.For each guy buying $1000 shoes,there are 20 posters here buying used designer socks on Ebay.
There is a reason pizza is the most popular food on the planet.Pizza contains sugar, salt, and fat.These are substances the human brain loves and craves.If you love Tartare with wasabi and caviaror confit with coulis and beets, it's b/c you're a puppet who has been conditioned to say it's tasty.
I have a pair of J&Ms that I have used as my beater pair,and they are going on 8 years of regular use.And they get the worst of the rain and snow.
Many people here have convinced themselves that welted leather shoes are comfy as a slipper. Really.http://www.styleforum.net/t/267682/rock-hard-leather-inner-and-outer-soles-can-beat-your-poor-feet-to-a-pulp-heres-what-i-do/0_100They even claim to have run marathons in wingtips, b/c they are more comfortable than sneakers and Eccos.They also said they use their suits as pajamas, b/c the suits are that comfortable. And that cheap flannel pajamas are awful.
Even a fake Rolex is overpriced. I put together my Seiko 5 for under $100.http://www.styleforum.net/t/312568/help-me-recreate-this-style-blue-faced-omega-watch-with-red-leather-band/0_100#post_5727123
Let's just all agree that you're completely full of it, intentionally or not. Buy $500 shoes b/c they're pretty, but stop trying to justify your purchases by playing the durability angle. Thank you.http://www.zeroshare.info/omg_i_look_60
For people who want to dress as I've described, I just realized that there is pretty much no reason to wear anything except JCrew. They have truly hit it out of the ballpark. Just wear everything from JCrew, and you are guaranteed to achieve the intent posted in the OP.
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