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Well said. This forum died when they decided to monetize the hell out of it.
Why? The ad is a total clusterf*ck. I can't figure out what is priced and what. Like how much are those boots? What size does he have? How about a photo, a description, size, and a price. Sorry but seller is an illiterate idiot. No sale. Looks like all he's got are odd sizes that he got for dirt cheap. Newflash, size 13 shoes are not very common. Those spectator shoes are like a costume and can't be used for daily wear? The shoes are ugly and tacky, that's why no one...
Brah, you going to prom?
This forum seems to have died a slow death. Pretty much a ghost town. Has anyone reported on traffic since the money grubbing Huddler transition?
Increasingly, I find myself reaching for my rubber soled shoes to head to work. I just can't stand the thought of starting my day knowing I will have to endure an entire day on unforgiving rigid leather soles. Screw that. I pretty much have stopped using my leather soled shoes, and prefer the dreamy comfort of the modern miracle compound. No, it's not the fit. Stiff hard leather is just not as soft as pliable rubber. That's why when you design car tires, you'd use...
Can anyone recommend shearling winter gloves?
If you want quality control and consistency, next time buy boots that are machine made on an assembly line.
The rust is even more glaring. Fraudulent marketing.
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