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These are now on sale for $50.
Sam, how are those shoes working out? I wonder how red laces would work on a blucher style of blue shoes.
Maroon pants with a dark jacket. Red accents in the shirt. I think this is a good "sharp casual" look. http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=94973&vid=1&pid=686262002 Here is an interesting attempt at grey jacket with khakis. Does it work? http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=94973&vid=1&pid=554779002 Maybe not the best example of tweed with jeans, but this is a combination I plan to do more...
This thread is to discuss interesting color and texture combinations you've come across. Entire outfits that work well together. I am not concerned with the quality or brand of the actual items posted, or their prices, or even the fit on the models. This thread may give readers ideas for new combinations or things to add to their closet. I'll start. Maroon pants with a dark jacket. Red accents in the shirt. I think this is a good "sharp casual"...
I know there were big in the 1990s with the pleats. I think they look terrible. Are they still out of fashion? I hope they never come back! Like this gauge of corduroy
Yes, but that's not as fun.And I do have a point.
Navy with #1, really? Aren't you afraid of the "security guard" look with navy jacket on a pant that is close to grey/silver? Also, is there any other colors you could do for a jacket? Let's talk a cream linen jacket: Cream does not work with grey (#1), correct? Cream could work with #2 and #3, correct? What exactly can you pair a cream jacket with? (Besides jeans)
Can you post some examples of a tropical wool jackets and fresco jackets? Where do you buy them? What brands sell these OTR with a tailored slim fit like JCrew, Boss Orange, etc? What are some popular places to get an unstructured cotton jacket?
What colors and styles of sport jacket would you pair with each of these 3 pants? Consider the pants numbered #1-3.
It's not practical to wear 3 layers in the 70 or 80 degree heat (undershirt, shirt, jacket) For those who don't wear a full suit to work, what sort of jacket do you wear when it's still in the 70s and 80s? A light colored linen jacket? Or is that strictly for summer? Also, what kind of pants? It's too early to wear cords, as they are more fall/winter apparel. What if you don't want to mix jeans with a sportcoat?
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