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The simple fact is that people recycle their clothing style years before anything from BR or JCrew even comes close to "disintegrating".What specific items from Epaulet do you like? (pants? jackets? socks?)Then stop playing rugby in your BR sweaters, you fool.If BR or JCrew stuff actually "disintegrated immediately" there would be class action lawsuits.In reality, even shit from the dollar store doesn't "disintegrate immediately"
I think this is the worst of the 4.The grey jacket and khakis just looks like a terrible clash of levels of formality.Maybe it works, I don't know. I just feel unsettled when I see that pairing above.I think it is very very hard to pair light grey odd jacket.In fact, I am not sure I can recall a single example in WAYWRN that did it right.I have a light grey coat that I don't think I have ever actually worn.The only think I can think that works is jeans.The first photo in...
BR is not cheap, but the 40% off sale makes it more sensible.I just ordered a load of stuff from BR.The stuff lasts for years, and is bulletproof.Like JCrew, BR is slim cut, stylish, and not outrageously priced.Most of all, you don't look like an internet jester in their outfits.I much prefer their mall look over looking like used car salesmen from the 1970s, Pee Wee Herman or Erkel in WAYWRN.
Except when the temperature is over 50 degrees, of course.Which means the majority of the year.
Nauseous?LOL, this thread will shed some light about why I think most SF outfits make people look like buffoons at the office.http://www.styleforum.net/t/326622/renounced-mc-cbd-in-favor-of-toned-down-sharp-casual/0_100Most of the stuff that is SF "approved" either looks comically dorky in real life and/or is overpriced.The greatest irony is that they are anything but stylish.They look like they belong on the set of a Jane Austen period piece.I mean look at these people. ...
I have paired my textured cream/tan/beige jacket with corduroy pants. They also pair nicely with jeans. The key is that the light jacket just doesn't go with more formal wool slacks.
JCrew is the greatest OTR fit ever, IF you have the body type for it. What does a Mr. Ned suit cost?
For starters, burn the shirt and jeans. Any comments on the button stance?
Still need. Anyone order thin T-shirts lately?
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