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I'm not a n00b.Notice my join date.+1. Those looks are trying too hard to be like MadMen.The only response those outfits will ever get is "Why are you so dressed up?"That means you've overdressed and sticking out like a sore thumb.Actually, I've got my eye on this
Proper diet can make that belly go away.
No, that requires getting dirty.No, that is an anonymous work from home career.The guy that owns SF doesn't know the first thing about clothing.http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9D0CE4D71638F93BA1575AC0A9629C8B63PR guy might be sitting at a desk most days.But for a media appearance, he gets to be seen.Salesman is seen, but by only one person at a time.Lawyer might be sitting at a desk most days.Teacher is a very good answer, but is only seen by the same group...
If this is news to you, then you need to take a break from SF.I have been gone for a year or two, and toned down my wardrobe considerably.Coming back, the people and outfits here look absolutely idiotic.You need to step away to see with objectivity.Think of the most attractive women you know. Now, who do you think they would date?Which set of guys look masculine and confident to you?Which look like Orville Redenbocker, Erkel, and Pee Wee Herman, and a 1970s used car...
Shoes are an exception.Tricker's should get you lots of compliments.My Cheaney's have been getting noticed like crazy lately.I am surprised this got complimented.Which trailer park do you live in?Women do not compliment t-shirts and jeans.
Does anyone else feel that the cutover to Huddler forum format was the turning point? It seems like threads I used to start would get 100+ replies now only get a couple. I assume the traffic numbers are way down compared to 4 years ago.
I picture many people on this forum getting excitedly dressed up with pocket squares, but then spending their entire workday sitting alone in some cubicle, with all their dandy efforts going unnoticed. What is the compete opposite of this?
The simple fact is that people recycle their clothing style years before anything from BR or JCrew even comes close to "disintegrating".What specific items from Epaulet do you like? (pants? jackets? socks?)Then stop playing rugby in your BR sweaters, you fool.If BR or JCrew stuff actually "disintegrated immediately" there would be class action lawsuits.In reality, even shit from the dollar store doesn't "disintegrate immediately"
I think this is the worst of the 4.The grey jacket and khakis just looks like a terrible clash of levels of formality.Maybe it works, I don't know. I just feel unsettled when I see that pairing above.I think it is very very hard to pair light grey odd jacket.In fact, I am not sure I can recall a single example in WAYWRN that did it right.I have a light grey coat that I don't think I have ever actually worn.The only think I can think that works is jeans.The first photo in...
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