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Hang a curtain up behind the dummy and post an update
That outfit is not worth posting on the internet. It's just a generic outfit people wear to Walmart.,
Besides SF, what are you busy with?You need to learn golf when you're young, and have time to sink.
Holdfast, what do you think about a more vibrant pocketsquare for that golfing outfit? The entire outfit is muted, and there's nothing that "pops" since your going without the tie. Right now, the PS matches the pants. Something like an orange PS might complete the look with some contrast. Also, the leg openings need to be tapered.
Erkel, Orville Redenbacher, and Pee Wee all care about how they look.
I didn't derail anything. Others did.I came here looking to discuss toned down casual outfits that are more appropriate for real life than jester's outfits.I posted these for discussion, but my post was trolled by others.
That made me LOL. Why didn't I think of that!Go read my 2500 posts.I have greatly contributed here in my way.There is value no not just towing the party line.This might explain my storyhttp://www.styleforum.net/t/326622/renounced-mc-cbd-in-favor-of-toned-down-sharp-casual
Aye Aye Captain!I'd love to hear these interesting and important reasons!Like going to a Caddyshack themed party?Holdfast, all you're missing is this to complete the outfit
Also, I need to pick up about 5-10 sweaters. Where do you buy your tailored fitting sweaters at a reasonable price?
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