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What do you pay for taking in the sleeves of a jacket? What do you pay for taking in the sides of a jacket?
What do you use the hell out of all winter long? At work, at home, everywhere. Which sweater do you constantly get the most use of ?
Need to stock up on some sweaters. What do you like? I'd like to keep it under $100 a sweater, unless it's cashmere.
Willing to spend a premium on a pair of WINTER khakis that are clearly premium quality. Something that is like 2x thicker than typical $30 chinos.
Thanks, but that's too shiny.And it's fairly generic looking,
Still need a belt. Anyone know of a clothing forum that isn't deserted ?
I love the H&M shirts. Great find, and getting a ton of use. Great slim fit also.
Are those prices high or low?
Not sure if this forum is now a dead ghost town compared to 2010 so maybe this thread will get zero replies. $30 to take in the sleeves. Too much? $25 to take in the sides. Too much?
I finally found some at H&M/. And they were like $6. What a gold mine for basic T's in 90 degree weather. Where do you buy your casual T-shirts that are paper thin ?
New Posts  All Forums: