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Scott-Nichol are $50. That's a bit hard to justify.
Where do you buy?
Anyone try these? https://www.everlane.com/collections/mens-sweaters?
If you want winter khakis, why not just go cavalry twill or molsekin? Where can I get this ? Top Google links are Land's End and Orvis.
Don't need to get too fancy and international. Anything from USA?
What do you like? I need to stock up ..... I want thick as hell. Willing to spend a bit more since they get a ton of use.
^^ Cardigan. Very bulky looking. Not a fan.
What's the price point? Can you post links where to buy?
Willing to spend a premium on a pair of WINTER khakis that are clearly premium quality. Something that is like 2x thicker than typical $30 chinos. WHAT'S YOUR BEST QUALITY CHINO EVER? WANT WINTER HEAVY THICK CHINOS OR KHAKIS.
WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE, MOST VERSATILE "GO TO" WINTER SWEATER ??? Which sweater do you constantly get the most use of ? What do you use the hell out of all winter long? At work, at home, everywhere.
New Posts  All Forums: