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I need a casual unstructured blue jacket. Texture is preferred. A jacket that works with jeans, cords, and khakis. I want OTR and do not want ultra tailored slim fit lunacy. Just a nice athletic cut for an 8" drop. I had a $200 one from BR, it was perfect for my needs, but I tore it while bungee jumping. Can someone give me some ideas of where I can get this?
The boots and watch still get constant compliments. Cloth tape on the collar is still brilliant. I still get compliments on my belts as well. That salary survey was epic. To reveal the most common income on SF was $40k was legendary. I actually had my sweats altered by my tailor. That was a pivotal step. The Polo cognitive dissonance was also groundbreaking. Yes, I can see why you missed me.
What were your favorite threads of mine?
Yes, but forums are not exactly interchangeable with Twitter or Instagram.
Interesting shirt from Orvis. Not my taste, but exactly what I had in mind for this thread.
No, they are actually far more interesting better than your generic monochromatic Polo collection.Keep rocking those Dad Jeans, fella.
Wow, this forum is all but DEAD. Pretty sad. This used to be a fun place.
Let's see some boutique Polo shirts that have some piece of flair that makes it stand out from the ocean of generic invisible Polo shirts. Here is an example, but $80 for a Polo is a bit ridiculous http://www.carbon2cobalt.com/Solitaire-Polo/productinfo/144145/ Pre-Huddler, this thread would have gotten 25 replies, easy. On the surface, this forum seems totally dead. I notice that new threads don't even get replies anymore.
NEED CASUAL LINEN PANTS FOR SUMMER. I bought a pair of BR linen pants last summer. They are perfect. Flat front, 100% linen, straight fit, casual and roomy cut But, I need several more pairs. Anyone got a line of decent linen pants that aren't $250 ?
New Posts  All Forums: