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I finally found some at H&M/. And they were like $6. What a gold mine for basic T's in 90 degree weather. Where do you buy your casual T-shirts that are paper thin ?
What a disgrace this website has devolved into. A pathetic shell of its former glory. Huddler truly trashed this community. Ghost land now, with zero information. Just a bunch of Pee Wee Herman wanna-bes posting pics of themselves. How lame.
Might try to get something at H&M. Seems like a good store.
Those Boss jackets are interesting. The one seems too much like a odd suit jacket as opposed to a sport coat. I don't want a jacket that is too "suity" if that makes sense. Maybe that is why I want some texture.
Surely, an entire website dedicated to playing dress up can point me to a blue jacket that is not $5000 Remember, the most common salary on this forum is $40k
They are all 3 buttons which looks terrible and outdated.
White sneakers look terrible.You'd get a wedgie for that growing up.Lose the 1980s shoes
Thanks, but that's 20 literally times more than I'd like to spend,and 10 times more than I'd force myself to spend.There is no reason I can't buy a unstructured jacket OTR for $250 or so.
What's your favorite distinctive BROWN BELT that gets noticed?
I need a casual unstructured blue jacket. Texture is preferred. A jacket that works with jeans, cords, and khakis. I want OTR and do not want ultra tailored slim fit lunacy. Just a nice athletic cut for an 8" drop. I had a $200 one from BR, it was perfect for my needs, but I tore it while bungee jumping. Can someone give me some ideas of where I can get this?
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