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Haven't been here in years. But, I notice that new threads don't even get replies anymore. On the surface, this forum seems totally dead. Yet this forum stats say it's still active. Are people only viewing long running threads that are 90 pages deep?
Where can I get linen pants in 2015 ?
I bought a pair of BR linen pants last summer. They are perfect. Flat front, 100% linen, straight fit, casual and roomy cut But, I need several more pairs. Anyone got a line of decent linen pants that aren't $250 ?
Andrew, please post a few examples of your outfits
Did someone inform you that you have a bundt cake atop your head?
If it's too good to be true, it's probably just some cheapo leather and the seller is living in a very large house on the water. Ebay is loaded with fake everything
I get the feeling these are just some knock-offs that are expensive. Anyone know the legitimacy of this Ebay seller? Could just be cheap $5 leather.
The brogued driving gloves look like pure 80s cheese. No way you guys are talking about these.
The Ebay seller seems to make gloves for grip. Like riding gloves. I am looking for insulated winter gloves. Please post some more links.
The more formal dress shirts have a much tighter weave. Water almost beads off them. Shirt can be very stiff, when pressed. The more casual OCBD shirts have much softer cotton. Pillier. Slight fraying and fuzz. Goes with jeans. What is this type of cotton called?
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