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Tried the new Lazio linen wool blue check but the buttons are comically plastic looking. I know it's not likely to be prohibitively expensive but has anyone replaced the buttons on their suits?
Yeah I know the PB number in the confirmation email only tracks the shipping to KY. Like a couple of the other folks I haven't received any second shipping notice from KY to Canada.
The Pitney Bowes reference number was included in my shipping confirmation email from JE.I then went to the UPS site and used it as a reference number to get my tracking id.
I'm in the same boat. Ordered on BF for ship to Toronto. So far the only number I have is the PB reference number.
Like Winston S. I also only use my 257 for work. I used to have leave one of those tiny usb receiver on my laptop and after a while the zipper managed to demolish it. So you definitely want to be careful with your electronics when inserting and taking it out of the 257.
Yeah what I was trying to say was that although you don't have to pay duties you still need to pay taxes.
I don't know if you equate duties and taxes but 4 out of 5 times I've been charged taxes (even for Epaulet shipments with goods that are Made in Canada).Even marking things as gifts won't really solve the problem unless all indications of price are removed as well (i.e. price tag, invoice, etc.,) as those pesky customs officers will find a way to charge you.
I received my chukkas last week and saw that they had the similar half to 3/4 length sole (as shown in the photo above from rkusmant). Does this mean all Rancourt & Co shoes are not full length soles?And is the sole stitched or glued? To me it seemed glued but I can't tell...EDIT: To answer my own question I think that it might have to do with whether you it's 'fully lined midsole'
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