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if classic conjures up those images to you I would say that is an issue with you not the tailor. Any good tailor should be able to make anything you want. I found him through one of the cloth houses, not sure which one. He has made me several suits. Michael is a grat guy who takes pride in his work That is the correct contact info
Guys, it's somewhat comical reading some of what passes for custom on some of these posts. My idea of custom is that the suit is made on premises from a pattern made for you. I do allow that pants may be sent out. Given this criteria you eliminate many of the names that pop up. The one person I would suggest that anybody interested in a high quality custom made suit, pants or jacket get to know is Michael Bruno. Michael is not a young man but his taste is clasiic. He works...
a far cry from the kid who left dental school. how did he get back to nj with those pants on
I must admit the martinez boys in LA have very good taste. I have seen photos of their work and have always been impressed.
Backward integration can be difficult to execute. Kiton alone will not keep the looms running. Do you think OXXford will be keen to support a competitor. The winners here will be the top english mills and perhaps Tallia del fino .
who said it was he that you used. what happened you outgrew acorn but weren't quite ready for bonfanti or riva? The thing that pisses me off and i rarely post is that you are a man of a million questions about sources. Maybe you just prefer to operate via the pm mode. Very secretive. chump. By the way long before you knew what a custom shirt was I had the opportunity to meet Mr Rubinelli. Champ huh, I guess it beats being a chump.
if your not a fan of the mystery bs than don't perpetuate it. GR has an agent in the US by the name of Giuseppe Torre. I will post his # later. Chump post ET. By the way in my book G&R is not that high on the list of top shirting producers.
albini is represented with dj anderson and thomas mason. one must include testa and their luxe atelier romentino brand. Oltolina also should be high on the list.
very funny, you forgot how much do they charge
I couldn't disagree more with your statements about BoLine. I also find is bs that you would make that kind of a statement without any direct experience.
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