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what is undeniable is the tragedy of losing 2 talented makers, Sgr Bemer and Sgr Bestetti in a short period of time.
Marco, in Napoli I met with and have worked with both D'ambrosio and Vittoria Fluido. Both make shirts that in my opinion are superior to Sabatini. I found both to be more user friendly as well.
I visited Sabatini and had shirts made there. I also visited Naples on the same trip. There is no comparison on the quality with the Naples shirts being much better. Costs were comparable as I supplied my own cloth. A warning Sabatini speaks no English and more importantly does not take Amex.
Arthur at Boline in Norwell is the only real shirtmaker in Boston. Good guy.
i visited them in rome and to say they are fairly large is a great exaggeration. Nobody speaks english and they are expensive. Nice collection though.
Dude, I know we are in the new millennium and that you are a millennial but how do you find any time to work when all you do is post on social media. Furthermore wht is it necessary to role out the two models you go to pitta every year with. On the plus i give you major props for traveling with your dad. I am sure he is very talented.
I got that email from sleeved and found it to be a turnoff. Is it a business or altruism to he help the Sarto?
Does anybody know what has become of him?
if classic conjures up those images to you I would say that is an issue with you not the tailor. Any good tailor should be able to make anything you want. I found him through one of the cloth houses, not sure which one. He has made me several suits. Michael is a grat guy who takes pride in his work That is the correct contact info
Guys, it's somewhat comical reading some of what passes for custom on some of these posts. My idea of custom is that the suit is made on premises from a pattern made for you. I do allow that pants may be sent out. Given this criteria you eliminate many of the names that pop up. The one person I would suggest that anybody interested in a high quality custom made suit, pants or jacket get to know is Michael Bruno. Michael is not a young man but his taste is clasiic. He works...
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