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if anyone is interested....... - New with tags - Brown wool donegal sport coat (lorenzo model) - 42/52 regular - 50% off - PM me before i post it for sale
just what i expected/hoped to hear. it's a first navy suit. something to get him through the first few years of interviews, meetings and days he won't have the white coat. once he starts making doctor money, then he can afford his own upgrade.he has an athletic build, but might benefit with some structure in the shoulder (to help balance the drape/silhouette). As he's using it in the medical world, i think this cut is more appropriate for his needs (then again, i have only...
anybody here an owner of the YORK (nee: LONDON) fit ? i'm thinking of buying the navy suit as a med school graduation present for the brother for interviews and beyond. thought it was a smarter choice for a doctor to be than the napoli (and don't think i spotted the lazio in navy) with the shoulders, lower buttoning stance, etc. just wanted to see if anyone had some positive things to say or steer me away. regards....
perhaps my eyes are not that sharp, but the jort looks not only great (after some slight tweaking), but the shoulder dimple/divot issue was only really present on the sienna (and very noticeable at that).
To all the JORT owners ...... What is your overall impression ? Pleased ? Worth the cost ? I'm in europe on business and finally managed to get close enough to a store that carries the model. Strangely enough, because of my build, my regular size is too tight in the shoulder and chest, but moving up size and dropping to a short didn't diminish the balance and it fits like a dream. Regards
Is anyone here a 40reg and interested in the navy raw silk chalk-stripe tipo suit for under $500 ? Decided having two wasn't necessary. I can provide you all the info you need, just PM me.
justin, i didn't know an overcoat snuck into the spring collection. can you you describe it for us non SF/NYC collectors ?
looking forward to more photos when ready.
justin,more info on this suit please ....... color, fabrication, pattern, etc....i recall antonio wearing a brown micro houndstooth some time ago, but this looks a little different
yeah, i noticed the shoulder seam is a touch short on the medium (which for me isn't really a problem).decisions decisions
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