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justin, i didn't know an overcoat snuck into the spring collection. can you you describe it for us non SF/NYC collectors ?
looking forward to more photos when ready.
justin,more info on this suit please ....... color, fabrication, pattern, etc....i recall antonio wearing a brown micro houndstooth some time ago, but this looks a little different
yeah, i noticed the shoulder seam is a touch short on the medium (which for me isn't really a problem).decisions decisions
thanks hookem,i caught your post. i'm 5'10" 170, but broad chested and could stand to drop a few pounds of beer weight. i think if i was in fighting shape, i wouldn't be as bothered, but i just wanted to see if it was worth sizing up (never been a large in anything).
has anyone tried on the lupo polo ? i know antonio mentioned it coming in a tad short/off spec, but i'm not sure mine can stay tucked in unless i'm wearing trousers at my natural waist. as a casual option, it's perfect, but the waistband of my calvins is fairly visible (at the sides, not the front or back) while wearing denim.
well done, justin.everything beyond this point is personal preference.wear it in good health.
justin, barring the holding camera stance, it seems instinctually, to look really good on you. unless you can get better photos for us to decide for certain
excellent work. did you get any photos of the suits in detail ? jacket fits you quite well. i noticed in your tumblr that you were concerned the gorge wasn't low enough, but i think on your frame in that size, the balance is spot on (and this is coming from someone who hates a high buttoning point).
is the Bloomingdales sale on tailored clothing only or is the sportswear included ?
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