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I think for you personally, what it will come down to most are the how shoulders fit. sizing up for you will not hurt in the chest, as you can always take some in from the sides or center seam. sizing down to a 38 could still work for you, but if your shoulders are big (or your whole upper body for that matter) the tightness will belt almost everywhere.
Believe you're right.Don't have the prices yet, but I know Marc will be able to get you an answer promptly.
and speaking of private sale ..... If you are a 42, the following are 60% OFF current prices The Blue DB is also available in 38 and 44 The Black DB is also available in 44
Fresh from Marc Etlin ........ (and included in this week's private sale)
couldn't be happier ....... green wool challis i sent back to be changed to unlined (rookie mistake lost in translation when i ordered) brown madder as to any smell, they both seem identical and more importantly unnoticeable, which will truly be the case once i get them out in the world. i think it comes down to a sensitivity (which i have to smoke/tobacco/etc) ...... point being, i don't think any of this can be attributed to the atelier. bravissimo m. cappelli...
to be fair, mine was on a wool challis.i have my next order arriving monday and will gladly report if it was a one-time incident.
my first order had me asking the same thing ...... glad it wasn't my imagination.got another one coming this week. hopefully it was a one-time aberration
Antonio,For those of us who are ardent supporters of the NMWA/Ciro/Lorenzo fits ...... Will there be any retailers this year that will be carrying them besides Greg and Marcus MTM ?
Did anyone here grab the shadow check tenero from Haberdash ?
Get in touch with Marc immediately.
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