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Absolutely correct, as I was an athletic 40 when i originally purchased it.
for those that own or have decent experience with both the jort and hudson ...... are the shoulders even remotely close in terms of construction/appearance ?
SOLD !!!!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT WITH ANY MORE OFFERS Willing to negotiate, but serious offers only please..... Paid well over $1500 and wore it sadly far few times to justify. Now I'm a true 42 and have to admit this gem is no longer for me. - 80/20 Wool-Silk - Signature Tom Ford trademarks: wide lapels, roped shoulders, boot-cut trouser - Hand-stitched buttonholes (which I paid extra $$$ to have my tailor make took like functioning) Measurements are as follows...
for those that have experience with the sienna fit ....... do you find the shoulder to be SuSu's attempt at a spalla morbida ? i'm can't say for certain whether i like the execution or not. I'm a major fan of the Jort and while i know these are nothing alike, i'm curious what those that either own or have extensively tried on, think of it. i've tried my fair share of eidos, but sadly, i'm always between sizes. thought i might experiment over here.
to the kamakura experts, regarding fit: i'm looking to buy a couple of the shirts from the new casual line. however, in my experience, i found clothes from Japan/Asia to fit much slimmer/shorter than i am used to. I'm a 40/15.75 in most other euro and US makers, but according to the item's details, it advises a tokyo slim 39-40 to go with a medium. however, my chest is a little bigger for the size. so between my chest leaning towards a large (in spite of a smaller neck),...
anyone know where i can find a navy lupo polo ? ak rikks in grand rapids is sold out in my size.
completely unrelated, but ..... if ANYONE from suitsupply hq is reading the messages off this forum, someone should really start considering opening up the EU online store products to the US customers. 1.00 USD buys 0.87 EUR and still slightly trending in our favor, making our buying power here in the states, only that much stronger. Even with shipping costs/scalability aside, I still don't see how SS doesn't take advantage of this. Am I completely off-base ?
Just curious if anyone has seen this Lazio in the flesh: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/lazio-brown-plain/P3874I.html Says brown, but looks grey on my screen (had this same issue with a Washington Half model a while back). Either way, curious to hear thoughts if anyone laid eyes/hands on it.
And just like that, the Wool Donegal Lorenzo was swiped.
Hey guys, Just a quick heads up. I'm offering a couple Eidos pieces for sale (see below in my signature) as I'm getting a solid tax return and need to make space in my closet for more Eidos goods. 1) the OG Navy Raw Silk Tipo Suit in 40/50 Regular (Since Antonio's is going strong, I see no reason to hold onto my second one. Hell yes I bought two). 2) the Brown Wool Donegal Lorenzo Sport Coat in 42/52 (Previously mentioned here. Now officially up) Photos and info...
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