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customer at nomanwalksalone dot com ?
While I don't name names (cough, you know who you are), there is someone who definitely would want to see the donegal in a lorenzo and it might convince him to go after the sport coat as well.that's two.
@gdl203, what will it take to make the brown silk/linen trousers in a lorenzo cut, a reality ? (full well knowing it means the sport coat will follow) the teasing from the showroom photo is palpable.
Formosa ?
Thank you for clarifying, Nikola.While I'm regularly a 10 US, these are indeed a good half inch too big on me, but I don't believe a full one inch.
no trades, sorry.
ridiculously good price
I wonder how fast this one will go ...........
- Edward Green - Chelsea Oxford - Size 10 UK, 10.5 - 11 US - E Width - 82 Last Retail Price: $1,300 YOURS FOR $700 Shipping CONUS
@NickPollica, any info you can share with us on this model ?
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