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just added.
antonio,is the lack of primo's current availability due to the retailers/buyers general fear of their customer not understanding or appreciating the benefits of the design (a la tipo) or a deliberate decision to streamline the tailored end of your design vision ?(personally, always been a fan of grinze/spalla camicia and thankfully now that the hyped conversation about it is dying down, i hope it doesn't disappear, least of all from eidos)
- Edward Green - Chelsea Oxford - Brown Mink Suede - Size 9 UK, 9.5 US (However, this fits a US 10 without question) - E Width - 82 Last Retail Price: $1,300 Yours for $749 Shipping CONUS
Question answered.Nevermind
These prices are not advertised on the site, so you'll need to call the store directly at (612) 746-5329.Ask for Noah, as he was the SA who emailed me directly.
That's a good question. Noah didn't send any other photos, so I think it would be best to give them a quick call to confirm.
Also....... Outerwear/Tailored Navy Cotton Shantung Orig. Price- 825.00$ Sale Price- 329.00$ Sizes-48, 52, 54, 56, Indigo Overdyed Betacord Orig. Price- 925.00$ Sale Price- 369.00$ Sizes- 50, 52, 54, 56, Tan/Cream Slubby Texted Orig. Price- 1395.00$ Sale Price- 559.00$ Sizes- 48, 50, 52, 54, Lt. Grey/White Betacord Orig. Price- 925.00$ Sale Price- 369.00$ Sizes- 48, 50, 54, Good luck guys.
Just received the photos from Noah @ Martin Patrick. The following are all on sale and all for amazing prices. If interested, please give him a call and let's keep supporting antonio's hard work. As far as availability is concerned: (all that is missing is the popover) Shirts: Light Blue Cotton Linen Orig. Price- 215.00$ Sale Price- 89.00$ Sizes-38, 40, 41, 44, Indigo Linen 4-Pocket Orig. Price- 360.00$ Sale Price- 149.00$ Sizes-38, 40, 42, 44, White...
Antonio, could you expand on the correction ?
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