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Hi there, I recently visited SuitSupply to purchase a suit for my wedding. I found the Hartford style to fit near perfectly, and the lighter-than-navy blue provides sufficient contrast to the black grenadine tie I intend to wear. However, I'm a bit concerned that I will not be able to get any business-wear from this suit, as it's light shade and subtle check pattern will make it too casual for finance. Looking for second opinions on this...
Looking for thick dark black denim that fits as close to the Petit New Standard as possible. Any recs?
Looking for dark black jeans with fit as close to APC Petite New Standard as possible. No budget.
Anybody have any recommendations on how to or who will repair a "chipped" piece of leather? I'm in the NYC area. These C&Js are still in fantastic shape but for the leather opening here:
How does the sizing of the washed petite standards compare to raw ones? I wear a size 30 in raw navy petite standards, what size would I be in the washed black PS?
Do the black RRL slims fit identically to the rigid blues in the same size? I've been wearing a 29x30 in the rigids, but they were tight at first and I'm worried the blacks may not stretch as much so maybe I should size up.
For you veteran commuters: If I have the choice between a 50-60 minute (50 mile) light traffic driving commute, or a 80 minute train commute, what's the better alternative?
This has been a really helpful thread. Im in Chicago for work for two months, and my girlfriend is coming in for labor day weekend. My plan is to do Avec on Friday, The Bristol on Saturday, and Sepia on Sunday. My parents are coming in tomorrow, and we're looking for a place with a casual dresscode that takes reservations on Sunday evening. Any specific recs? Thanks!
Keep in mind that your poll doesn't say much since you didn't specify gross or net. I'm in my early 20s, and spend almost exactly 25% of my after-tax income on rent.
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