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International sales for US e-tailers has plummeted.
The vest I ordered at 30% off last week is now cheaper with the price drop. I hate it when that happens.
The Pennesi suits I ordered from Yoox were so slim I couldn't get my arms into the sleeves of the jacket. Otherwise I thought were were solid for the price.
I wear a a 50IT in Tombolini. I'd say it fits more like a 49IT but not a full size down to a 48IT. I wear a standard 38R in American suiting.
IMHO Tombolini is head and shoulders above the other brands you've noted.LBM 1911 is often very well priced on Yoox. Nice modern cuts, good fabrics and well made.
I have a few items. It's ok, but a bit too over-styled in that Italian sort of way for my liking.
Total baller poker set. I am neither a baller nor a poker player so it's going to waste sitting in my closet. Brand new and still in the box. Made in Italy, black croc embossed leather. The same set (without croc embossing) is at Barney's for $1195: http://www.barneys.com/renzo-romagnoli-black-dollar-texas-poker-game-set-127107363.html#prefn1=brand&pagetype=brand&prefv1=Renzo+Romagnoli&start=1 There's a photo of a brown croc embossed one here:...
Dude was bloated in his drop crotchies.
Some good deals at http://uncleotis.com/. Lots of United Dry Stock denim for CDN $60, which is like $48 US.
Extra 40% off sale plus free shipping at Gravity Pope: http://www.gravitypope.com/
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