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There's a blog that reported the tj maxx locations that got the porter drop last season. Apparently those locations had preview parties for maxx cardholders and offered extra discounts.
Meh, high shipping is what it is. Don't order from them or use a proxy. I was actually offended that he drew a parallel between the cost of high shipping and forced penetration of another person without their consent. I wouldn't really put them in the same category, but that's just me.
That's offensive.
Any codes for the Corner that will work on sale merch?
First world problems.
Where else can I get those adidas x White Mountaineering Nastase MV's? Looking for a size 8.
If ever there was a company destined for bankruptcy, this is it.Fok, please save my eyes and delete this spammage.
Leave it to ambyance to get us back on track.Have you ever tried Jamaican johnny cakes? They are small deep fried scones, akin to a donut. They are amazing with salted butter. I don't think they would go well with coffee.I searched but didn't find an existing johnny cake thread
Don't see any coffee, though.
Got my Alden 405's and longwings for 40% off the last time J.Crew made such a mistake.
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