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AgAgreed. Club Monaco is carrying some very nice styles this season. $475 cdn though, which is pretty steep imho.
Some prices will go up and it will all get dumped into the clearance or "sample sale" section.
You can tell by the photos that all the jackets are unlined and 3 roll to 2.. I don't know why Yoox insists on buttoning every single button on a jacket.
White Mountaineering Gore-texCantarelli suitLBM 1911 jacketLuigi Bianchi Mantova jacket and multiple pantsMany Borrelli, Truzzi, Giampaolo, Danoli dress shirtsa some other stuff of no particular note
I'm in for 4 orders and about $1200... so far. I'm going to have to hide a lot of shit from my wife.
A couple of other dreambox items dropped in the last hour...
The drops are appearing only on old spring summer items still in your dreambox. They are otherwise nowhere to be found on the site.Best drops in years. Even with the crappy can exchange rate it was worth it for me to drop a fair bit of coin.Lots of work clothes, but also pretty happy with a white mountaineering goretex for $180.
And talking about worth the risk, there are a few nice summer Caruso suits sub-$300 in 42 left. If they were 40's I would have jumped on...
$25 for a final sale item is worth the risk. I bought a cart full of Truzzi and Borrelli shirts in my usual size at under $40 each. If I don't like any of them for any reason I can turn them into pocket squares or hankies and I'm still ahead of the game.
They mark final sale when the item goes to clearance/sample sale section.I usually won't bite on final sale stuff unless I know the brand and the sizing.
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