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Not possible. Do you live close to the border? I have my yoox shipments sent to a po box states side.
Nanamica, Barbour x WM, Head Porter... all at 60% off.
Had a wackload of stuff in my cart and J Crew site crashes. Have to start all over again. Argh.
Any working codes for the US? Just thought I'd check before pulling the trigger on a couple of things.
Vancouver Robson Street location had a full size run of the Golden Bear suede bomber, which is now sold out on the site. Still marked at $499, down from $950. I told the SA they were $199 online, and sure enough it rang in at $140 with the extra discount. Two mediums were left. I copped one and the SA grabbed the other.
So return them. Unless they were 80% off and you're going to keep them and you just feel like taking pictures and complaining about them and having people on a forum validate your grievances.
The retractable leashes are ruining this for me.
The region is irrelevant.
You had to call them to figure that out?
New Posts  All Forums: