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Super boxy is the new slim fit.
Curious to know if anyone is expecting a code for The Corner any time soon. I can't remember if they've previously released a code this late into the sale season.
You could always contribute to this thread is meaningful way an post the damn code.
Extra 20% off sale at Hypebeast http://store.hypebeast.com/ Sunspel hit final reductions http://www.sunspel.com/us/sale.html Thanks for the heads up on the East Dane code. Snagged the nylon APC duffle I'd been eyeing for only $66. Whoever was complaining about a lackluster sales season a few pages ago is out to lunch.
Size up on the Tshirts?
I am 99% certain that all the new Grailed merch comes from Roden Gray. Same brands, same items, even the same left over sizes from earlier RG sales.
^ I like the designs and overall aesthetic, but more than any other brand they compromise on fabric, trim and overall quality to increase their margins. In their price range you can always do better on those three things. I am particularly unimpressed by their suiting and knits.
Metallic GATS for $208 in size 10! OMG I think I just orgasmed.Seriously though, GATS are not my cup of tea but there is a lot of good stuff here at deep discount.
So pissed that I can't use my Canadian credit card. I even have a US shipping address.
Nice prices on Buttero sneaks and Mismo,.
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