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Teva Original Universal Sport in Black or White for $24 and free shipping: https://www.teva.com/men-view-all/original-universal-sport/1008648.html?dwvar_1008648_color=BLK#start=1&cgid=men-view-all Collabs with White Mountaineering, Han K, and Beauty+Youth mean teva is cool now, right?
People are picking on you because you speak with authority and have a 32 post count, 10 of which are on this topic. You are fair game.
Are you saying this handsome leather and wool made in the USA jacket was available in any size I want for $248 and no tax? Dude that's a bargain.Too many jokers in this thread are in a race to the bottom.
Works on Filson.
This aptly describes 99.9% of retail in Canada.
I'm pretty sure he was proposing the official veiny or smooth cock thread.
LOUIS W. x A.P.C. suede shearling bomber size M for $385. http://www.yoox.com/us/41583786DG/item#dept=fmlfrnds1&sts=sr_fmlfrnds180&cod10=41583786DG&sizeId=5
I'm not familiar with gta, but I'd be surprised if the Giab's were made to any lesser standard. In any case, like all yoox purchases ymmv. Sometimes you'll get inco sartoriales and sometimes you'll get something else worse than expected. If you're not happy return them and roll the dice again. Take all part of the yoox experience.
My contribution: thin wale corduroys from Giab's. The Giab's pants I have are exceptional. At $36 these are a steal.http://mobile.yoox.com/us/36719426FJ/item#dept=men&sts=SearchResult&cod10=36719426UF&sizeId=
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