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Got my Alden 405's and longwings for 40% off the last time J.Crew made such a mistake.
John Lobb's for half price
The 15% discount is automatically applied at check out. You can still enter a yoox code for further reductions. I just don't have a valid code. But thanks for your insight.
I paid over $180 in duties for my exotic pelt snakeskin geobaskets.
Expired. Any other codes? There's a current promotion of 15% off sale merch. You can stack that with a code but I don't have one
Stopped by in the last hour of the sale. Everything was an extra 50% off. Lots of good stuff left. I made out like a bandit.Shoes were $100. A good selection was left in sizes 42-44.
Any intel from the sale? Pricing? Stock?
Try signing up for the newsletter. You get a one time use code for 10% off that in my experience works on everything.
It's not like that at all.
It actually sounds more like my marriage. 😕
New Posts  All Forums: