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For $10 I will email you some chili.(30% off at J.Crew with "TIMETOSHOP")
I'm hungry. So they offer free shipping?
Loose winter fat, maintain winter muscle. I'm 169lbs now and I want to be under 160.
The government needs to legislate free shipping.
This thread surely is the best one in which to discuss roundedness: http://www.styleforum.net/t/99388/great-back-doors-nsfw
Frumpy ol' man.
You wear leather in the rain?
... and so I'll take this opportunity to plug master case maker Shane Trudell. http://www.shanetrudell.com/The pilot case photographed on the site was my custom order.
It's never leather jacket season here in rainy Vancouver.I don't know what the retail is/was on this, but I'd be surprised if it was anything less than $800. With a 10% Yoox code (any day now...) you'd be grabbing a bargain for the fall. Plus the style is timeless.
Been staring at this in my dreambox: http://www.yoox.com/us/41510508BR/item?dept=#sts=dreambox80&cod10=41510508BR&sizeId=5Great collab piece. Might even be horse hide. I'm not a leather guy so I haven't pulled the trigger.
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