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I have negative six pairs of cp's. They were cheap but they look like stan smiths.
Ask a stupid question get a stupid answer.
I've never known cruvoir to never not be on sale.
You're caught in no man's land between slim fit and super boxy.
I saw this and got all excited. Then, after scrolling through page after page of stuff that looks all the same, I'm all like meh.
"Fuck Off" in script on the bottom of brightly coloured leather soles? Design a la DSquared2.
You shouldn't pay duties to import made in canada goods back to the motherland.
Super boxy is the new slim fit.
Curious to know if anyone is expecting a code for The Corner any time soon. I can't remember if they've previously released a code this late into the sale season.
You could always contribute to this thread is meaningful way an post the damn code.
New Posts  All Forums: