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In Victoria, no less. I still haven't figured that one out.
Dont think this is right. Implies they make the same buys for two different markets. Why would they do that?
Really? Is it true that prices are less if it's shipping to Canada?
I like these. Are they from last year's NB x Sears collab?
Dropped by Nordstroms Vancouver this morning. They just did further markdowns on footwear. Some CP's for $220ish. Rafdidas ozweego gold's for $187. Was pretty tempted to pick up some John Lobb monks for $660, down from $1600. That's the cheapest I think I've ever seen Lobbs. In US$ that's about $500.
Wow, great stuff. If I had money I would seriously spend it all at Haven.I'm tellin' ya, forget the crullers. Poppyseed filled doughnuts at Nickel's bakery in North Van is where it's at.
I thought the 50% sale was really good. Yoox pricing, seasonal merch in June, half off, in demand brands. If you were able to get an extra discount on top of that you undoubtedly scored some excellent deals.
I just tried the code and it says "Valid except for purchases made by super1flavor, who has both too much money and too much time on his hands".Whoa, those yoox algorithms are good.
C'mon, it's 2016 for goodness sake. Gas is free and all shipping services have been nationalized. Next week our good leader is ordering by decree a bill to ban all shipping charges. Just wait until then.
New Posts  All Forums: