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Coyotes are the new baby seals.They should just call it mangy dog fur.
None of the photos on the site show a fly. I don't know why you'd expect one.I prefer a fly and can recommend Etiquette and The White Briefs.Those Cabourn collabs are awsome. Not on sale though.
Damn. I just shuddered. Considering my dad age I'm gonna pass.
Just looking for a quick gut check. No need to determine if they will complement my houndstooth Cucinelli's.
Am I foolish for liking these?
Just wait until JCrew accidentally puts them in their sale section at 40% off. That's what I did for both my Indy's and my longwings.
Don't black people wear Brooks Brothers, shop on Yoox, and live in Rhode Island?
What items? What TJ location? Do they take phone orders?
How do you hold an item?
To Boot New York.
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