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II'd agree with that. Why would I buy something on the forum when I can find it for the same price or better at one of a billion online retailers? That won't hold true for niche products but the marketplace isn't exactly screaming with unique merchandise.
ThThe marketplace is nowhere near the community it used to be. Folks used to pass along their good deals with no mark up when their buys didn't work out. Now buyers ain't buying (too savvy, too cynical) and sellers ain't selling (too greedy). The same stuff stays listed for months on end. It's really terrible, but I digress.How about posting that yoox code?
You got a thing goin on.
Thanks, I'm going to give this a try. Looking at Visceral Response + an F95 top-up. Do you know how the 45mg of Yohimbe bark extract compares to Yohimbe HCL doses in the other products (such as the 8mg HCL in Blade)?
For $10 I will email you some chili.(30% off at J.Crew with "TIMETOSHOP")
I'm hungry. So they offer free shipping?
Loose winter fat, maintain winter muscle. I'm 169lbs now and I want to be under 160.
The government needs to legislate free shipping.
This thread surely is the best one in which to discuss roundedness: http://www.styleforum.net/t/99388/great-back-doors-nsfw
Frumpy ol' man.
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