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Quote: Originally Posted by KA1555 Anyone think they'd honor the sale today? Or would I have to go today, put what I want on hold, and then come back (such a tedious task)? the website policy is to honor discounts up to 10 days after purchase. I'd imagine in-store would be similar. In both cases I'd say you would have to pay full price at time of purchase and then get credited when the sale begins. If you pay by credit card you shouldn't...
They don't have mens Black Label. Not sure about PL. I only went inside for a bit so I can't really tell you if it would be worthwhile.
you can get some type of dry denim and then just wash it right away -- this is what getsmart does. or you could go the designer route. John Varvatos has very dark jeans in bootcut with no distressing. However the U.S.A leather patch is tacky.
i think rogan original are one of the better looser fitting jeans the tragic wash is esp. nice imo
Earnest Sewn Hutch is a slim bootcut, there are two or three dark washes for that jean. ~190 at most retail establishments pdc gto 1-year is about 180 there are plenty of others.. do you live in or near a major city, or do you not mind ordering online/phone ?
what exactly do they sell there except their SF-Famous Jeans?
comming this fall there a a uniqlo opening at the rockaway mall(right next to abercrombie). is this their first store in the states? or are there others? edit- sorry, meant to put this in streetwear.
I'm going to have to agree with spin magazine and say the O.K. Computer was the best album of the 90's.. Of course I've never heard of Flaming Lips, or the Loveless album.
Quote: Earnest Sewn - i wish i had some money to splurge on a pair of the maz dark and the milk blue hutch fit.  they are probably one of the best pre washed looking jeans i've ever seen.  i like how the back pockets are rounded at the bottom too.  i wish i could get my hands on a pair of the XX selvage ones too. not sure exactly what it is about the milk blue, but it fits differently than the maz dark. even thou they were both the same model(hutch)
the ES Hutch have it as well. It is a design feature.. Old levis jeans used to have it.
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