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Quote: Originally Posted by Faded501s I've never seen anything but hate for Crocs in these parts Glad you posted this topic
Shoes would work with a different shirt i think. (closer to the 1st pic) The colors don't go together since the shoes are like grey dirty. Definitely hem that though unless you're wearing them with boots.
I don't post often, but a thread about Abercrombie Jeans?
Quote: Originally Posted by darwin how does one contact this scott cat? where can I see some samples? looking for a belt to match my clarks yet look rugged and this dude has the style im aiming for I think there is a thread on styleforum about it
Quote: Originally Posted by bananananana Because you can control a tackle. You can't control what an electrci shock does once it's fired. If he was fighting or being violent, then yes use a taser, but that situation was nowhere near that. And the guidelines for using a taser, among other circumstances, include to subdue a fleeing suspect. A kid running around in a ballpark hardly constitutes a fleeing suspect. Any police investigation will of...
They look awful there, that guy doesn't look great in skinny jeans. Looks like he's trying to be more trendy if anything. They're way too skinny for the vans too. The shoes aren't clunky or slim enough to look good.
Quote: already own a pair of Levis 511 but someone suggested my to get the super skinny jeans to match my shoes. What?? And at this whole thread, excellent troll.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi The fact is, the average person is not very intelligent. And half of the population is less intelligent than your average person... Looks like a good use of 125 dollars.
Hmm this thread brings up a point On here it's considered good practice to communicate based on your audience, yet there was a thread not so long ago where a guy was ragged on because he dressed based upon his audience. (Dressed down to donors who had less $$$, and were more weary of the "slick business types.") IMO, they're one in the same. What you wear is a form of nonverbal communication
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