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Previous owner said he wore them around a dozen times, but probably a bit more than that. You can gauge it based on the condition. I wore em under 5 times before accepting that they were to small for me. I wear a 9 in converse and 9.5 in most other shoes and they were a bit too small. If you're an 8.5 or probably even up to a smaller 9 they'll probably fit you. There are raw denim stains on the interior of the tongue, but it doesn't effect how they actually look. You can...
trying to delete this
I've always loved that W+H hoodie, wish it was a small free bump
Pretty much anything other than the F350s. I'll go around 180~ USD. Maybe more depending on the condition. Just shoot me an offer, I don't really want anything that's been used for more than a month or two. For the slimmer cuts F310, BSP i can go up to a 30, for the rest it's more likely a 28 or 29 depending on the cut I'll probably just end up lurking till I find something around this price
That jacket's awesome, wish i had a use for it in Texas
PMed about the Flatheads if they're still up for sale
No paypal fee, just 35 flat on paypal. I can mail or email the code if you want, i've got feedback on Ebay from doing it both ways. My Ebay Feedback There are 2 gift cards, 1 $25 and one $15 Thanks
I'm looking at leather bracelets and I'm thinking I like this more than the 3sixteen leather one. Not sure if it's too much though.
thoughts on the Supra Assault? I'm looking for a good white canvas shoe at >$100 I can't get over the black lip on the toe of the Converse JPs and I haven't been able to find any John Varvatos Converse i've liked since the white multi eyelet version
Great troll topic
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