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Pretty much anything other than the F350s. I'll go around 180~ USD. Maybe more depending on the condition. Just shoot me an offer, I don't really want anything that's been used for more than a month or two. For the slimmer cuts F310, BSP i can go up to a 30, for the rest it's more likely a 28 or 29 depending on the cut I'll probably just end up lurking till I find something around this price
That jacket's awesome, wish i had a use for it in Texas
PMed about the Flatheads if they're still up for sale
No paypal fee, just 35 flat on paypal. I can mail or email the code if you want, i've got feedback on Ebay from doing it both ways. My Ebay Feedback There are 2 gift cards, 1 $25 and one $15 Thanks
I'm looking at leather bracelets and I'm thinking I like this more than the 3sixteen leather one. Not sure if it's too much though.
thoughts on the Supra Assault? I'm looking for a good white canvas shoe at >$100 I can't get over the black lip on the toe of the Converse JPs and I haven't been able to find any John Varvatos Converse i've liked since the white multi eyelet version
Great troll topic
Quote: Originally Posted by Faded501s I've never seen anything but hate for Crocs in these parts Glad you posted this topic
Shoes would work with a different shirt i think. (closer to the 1st pic) The colors don't go together since the shoes are like grey dirty. Definitely hem that though unless you're wearing them with boots.
I don't post often, but a thread about Abercrombie Jeans?
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