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The panels do take paint pretty nicely though. You shouldn't really have a problem with it cracking on you. This was after a couple layers iirc
Personally I'd just do a thin layer of a tinted gesso. (Buy white gesso and cream acrylic, mix until you've got a color you like) You want something flexible and matte, so it sounds like it would work just fine.Look at my first photo for an example of thickness & result.It's really hard to match paints like that though. You'll know if you've ever had to paint a patched hole in a wall. Id probably paint half the shoe in a style like this. Or just have some backup idea for...
Repainted my GATs after they got torn apart. 3 layers of gesso. Sanded in between each layer. 2 Layers of angelus direct white paint. Sanded. 2 More layers. Finished with the angelus acrylic finisher. I wanted the sheen, so imo they turned out pretty good. Looks like patent leather. mid first layer of gesso i think after first layer of gesso finished The originals looked closer to the second picture in terms of paint thickness, but had more of a sheen that I...
I'd go with #2 if you think you can pull it off. It's the only one of the three that isn't boring imo.
They look interesting enough, and they're not really expensive with the 50% off deal they're running. Like 38 a shirt. I'll probably order em later today, I'm gonna see if I can find any more info first. Don't really want to get some yesstyle stuff at my doorstep.I bought the minor variety shirt too, I'll post some fit pics when I get it
+1, didn't even realize the bottom had fell off and I wore on the heel a bit. Gonna go to the cobbler later this week.
I liked the white painted jeans, they're at least something to experiment with. Not sold on the red ones, but I'm sure someone could make em look good. Go TTS on them. I sized down one the first time and I could barely get them buttoned which was a no go with how restrictive they are compared to like jeans w/ spandex in them. Then I bought a size up on accident and they're a little too baggy to wear comfortably.
Just stopped by the Austin location and grabbed the black sidezips in a 43. The chick at the register only knocked off the first 50% though. I'll probably go back and try to get the other 50% off, if not I'll just return them. There were like 3 other ones left, like 40-41s and like a 45 I think. If I return these, there'll be a 43 also.
If continues their current track rate of restocking, I can safely say they will never restock.
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