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Has anyone gathered more info on the Design Your Own Suit option? I'm looking for a three piece suit, and the RTW offerings don't have what I'm looking for. The Design Your Own works great, just seems a bit on the pricey side. Especially considering the Lazio fits me pretty well off the rack. I'd just buy OTR if they offered a matching waistcoat. MTM is not an option as I am in LA, and the store here does not offer that service. Thanks for the info.
I was looking to order a medium grey vest in 38r, but there appears to be two different medium grey colors of suits. A lighter medium grey and a darker medium gray (classico). Which does the medium grey vest match?
Do you have an idea of when you might get more Napoli suits in? In particular charcoal 37/38R.
I once found an RLBL shawl tuxedo on ebay for $700... but that is pretty rare, and unlikely. If you give up on the shawl dream, Benjamin Satorial (ehaberdasher) makes a nice peak lapel: LINK
I think this is a pretty good fit:
I have available two Ralph Lauren Purple Label Suits in size 40R. Both brand new and unaltered, with basting threads intact. The Custom Fit suit includes the tags, the Savile Row was new with tags, however they've gone missing. Still new, just no tags included. Both suits include original packet of buttons and belt loops. I purchased these suits in attempt to find my grail suit. I ended up finding one that fit me better, so these are up for sale. I'm just looking to...
I like Boss Black label (slim) as well and have found Nordstrom Trim Fit to fit me well. A tiny bit larger than Boss Black, but not by too much, and much cheaper than Boss.
It's actually up for sale in B&S for even cheaper. Bought a different RLPL suit from the seller... great guy.
I have a BNWT RLPL St. Andrews 40R (drop 6) Suit. Solid Navy, Saville Row, SB, 2 button, dual vent, ticket pocket, notch lapel 100% Super 150 wool, with flat front pants. The pants have pull tabs but the belt loops are included. A GORGEOUS suit, absolute grail, but not exactly what I am looking for. Looking to trade for a NWT RLPL in SOLID charcoal in 40R. Let me know if interested and I can provide exact measurements and pics.
19.7" for the shoulder? Seem to seem? Seems huge for 40R
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