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Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard Where are you measuring your thighs, brother? Around where my ass starts, they're 16". About an inch down, they're 15". Really, I shit you not. I think Thin Finns in a 26 would fit me but I really want those measurements. Emailed nudie and got nothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong ^ Pretty sure he's talking about body measurements, not garment. Last I measured, my thighs were about 18" around, and I wear jeans with thigh width measurements of 10-11", which is about par for the course for my size (30). 15" thighs are not that crazy. He'd probably need a 9-10" thigh width on jeans; hard to find, maybe, but not impossible. Haha, I wish. I've found tons of jeans that have 9-10"...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira None of those brands would work for someone who really has 15" thighs I've had to buy women's jeans in the past to get a good fit, and while I don't mind that at all, it's difficult to find raw women's jeans. The only store in my city that carries raw denim is Barney's and they have nothing in my size.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira You do not have 15" thighs. Unless photographic proof is given, I refuse to believe that. Couldn't care less. Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Skinny jeans, cheap to expensive: Kill City, APC, Nudie, Julian Red, Somet, Flat Head, etc. to name a few. Thank you sir. I'll check these brands out.
waist: 28" thigh: 7.5" These are my measurements. What brands of raw denim should I look into? Most jeans look hilariously baggy on me.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira You can only taper them, you can't alter the top block (thighs included) without taking the jeans apart and then basically recutting and reassembling them. Damn it; the thighs are what give me the most trouble. Aside from gaining more weight, how can I slim the thighs on jeans that I have?
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard The legs can be taken in on either the outseam (selvage) side or the inseam. Outseam is a very simple procedure and I've had a number of selvage jeans tapered this way. You're looking at about a $20 total cost. Inseam seam is slightly more complicated, but preserves the width of the selvage band. So, theoretically, I could turn a relaxed fit into one that is painted on?
Quote: Originally Posted by Veggie 7.25 leg opening 511s will be fine for you. If you want even skinnier, go to 510s. Quote: Originally Posted by spagnutty What are my options for jeans with a similar fit to 514s, BUT I need to have either 34 or 36 inseam. 30x32 is way too short on me. :-/ Something I could do purdy fading with would be nice. <$100 would be super nice. <$100 doesn't leave you with a lot of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Veggie Ok, just to clarify, are their leg openings as slim as say AW's grifters? Can you give me a measurement on that?
Quote: Originally Posted by Veggie I'm looking for some Levis's that are slim fitting and a pretty slim leg opening allowing for stacking. Try 514s. If those are too baggy on you, 511s are slimmer. For stacking, just get them in a 32 or 34 inseam.
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