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I wore his shirt yesterday. The cuff takes a bit of getting used to, but it feels and fits great!
Wow jjl5000, I think I just had a shoe-orgasm! The blue "Roys" are nice too.
Quote: Originally Posted by dr.no You like it, the Khaki museum Vales 9E? Like the shoes, but not the color.
Go to all the stores (and dressed the part) that you want to work in and speak directly to the manager. I did that when I was in high school. I didn't have any sales experience but the manager gave me a chance on the spot.
Kiya, Are you going to stock the new Iron Heart Ultra Heavy Flannel shirts, IH-32?
Just buy these jeans - buy local and support this guy. AFAIK, almost everything (including raw materials) is American made. Of course, the targeted demographics are different than MC.
Yeah, I am not sure if the kids (in the age 5 to 7 bracket) entirely get his humour. It was entertaining.
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen Call me crazy but I would never put snoseal or polish on shell cordovan. +1. I thought (by conventional SF thinking) that you should not put anything on cordovan. I see you are applying it on the welt. Does the cordovan absorb any snoseal? Or are you simply rubbing it off when you brush/buff it?
These are cotton right? Cotton will stretch if you sit down and cross your leg a lot (and for a long period of time). I get the same problem wearing chino, ditto to jeans as well. Warm/hot washing may help, but it may shrink in other places.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Sweet shoes, if the soles are in good condition, it would be a nice kop. +1. But the seller had a few -ive feedback.
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