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You can if you want to apply on the sole. Don't think it is necessary. Use the blow dryer to heat up the leather to "open up" its pore. It is supposed to make it absorb much better and faster.
Nice pics!
If it is a reputable cleaner, they should try their best to reimburse you. Once a dry cleaner lost my suit and I talked to the owner about it. He asked for the original receipt and gave me half of what it would have cost me if I were buy a new one to replace it and discounts on future dry cleaning. The suit was a few seasons old and I didn't really care about it too too much. I am still giving this establishment my business. In your case, it sounds like it is a mom...
Looks like the old Cambridge. AE changes the model names very often. Don't think they are cordovan, the creases gave them away. AE only has a couple model made with cordovan.
Nice shoes. These are at least 15 years young. I got them when I graduated from university and these were my first pair of nice shoes. They are still going strong!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bill Smith Looks like I'm buying Seiko next time out. The Swiss in their agressive pursuit of the Asian market has priced themselves out of North America. I hate to see what happens if their new target market goes into recession, it won't be pretty. +1. But it won't be happening anytime soon. China experienced a >10% economic growth last year. The Asian market has an insatiable appetite for luxury goods. As long...
Quote: Originally Posted by videocrew I've always assumed that belts should be buckled to the middle hole. +1. The middle hole.
Serpentine, I am told, is in Hazelton Lane, Yorkville: http://www.theserpentine.net/brands.html Never been there myself. Some well known brands.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Maybe they last longer? Just a thought, I really don't know... Not true. Creed (a few that I have tried) are notorioulsy fleeting. Although it depends on a wearer's skin chemistry, this is the view share by many people.
Marketing and the brand play a big part. How about natural vs. synthetics? Montale is famous for his "rose" scents. It literally requires a ton of roses in order to get a few quarts of essense/oils. If you were to use synthetics, you can bypass this process and mix chemicals/aromatics together. You should post this question on the Health section. We do have a few knowledgeable fragrance experts on the forum.
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