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Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer those soles are really bad +1. Want to know how they wear. It seems they are using a lot of these soles in their models.
Single Malt Scotch or Ice wine?
Nice pictures and shoes. Too bad they didn't fit you. I find going down 1/2 size in the U last is the correct size for me in the F last. Perhaps the same rule didn't work out for you. Good luck on the sale.
Do a quick search and you should see a lot of suggestions. While the 348 is a bit more elongated, I didn't find it necessary to downsize in 337. I have shoes on both lasts and I took the same size.
Nice collection of barely worn suits. What do you do for a living again? Have to pay a visit to see your entire collection of suits/shirts and most of all, shoes!
Don't think so. If you do have an issue, take it back to Take5. Quality/denim/construction has stirred up a bunch of discussions on SUFU in here: http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk...=6929&page=761
It depends on a lot of things: price, model, last, size and colour etc. You will probably get less (but not much less) than what you paid for. Members on this forum are quite picky and they are educated shoppers!
Free bump for taking a chance on Secretions Magnifique.
HR closed their Scotia Plaza store because they moved to First Canadian Place. Walter Beauchamp leaves much to be desired. They quoted me a price to do a hem on a pair of pants for $75. Granted that they were not store bought, but at $75!?!? The SA's reason is that the store is a bespoke shop and the tailor has to take his time off eslewhere to attend to this task.......bunch of BS. HR prices are high. If you can afford it, all the best. If not, buy it eslewhere...
Nice collection. Just a curious question, why are the Vanguard models more expensive than the others (e.g. Madison etc.) Cloth/Colour/Cut/Style?
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