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Hi everyone, There is a bunch of AE belts on eBay (some in size 32-34 and some in 40-46). The models are Saxon, Torino, Keene etc. AE is probably discontinuing these models. Decent price IMO at $39-$49 a pop. I think it is an AE "outlet" store. I know STP also has some as well. Not a bad price to pay if you are looking for a well made belt.
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Omega Man, I have tried every shell cordovan belt on the market. The major three are Alden, Ben Silver, and Brooks Brothers. In my opinion, the Brooks Brothers is the best. It is not only the cheapest, but the thinnest (which makes it nicest for dress-wear) and the sturdiest in terms of finishing (I have found the Ben Silvers, while nice, have gotten scratched somewhat easily). I hope this review is...
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 Will they ship to Canada too? Yes, they will. I wasn't comfortable in going through PayPal, I called them and ordered 5 to Toronto. The shipping charge will be a bit more and they will send me an email with the shipping charges next week. The gentlemen I spoke with on the phone was Rodney and he said he has received a LOT of orders since this special was put into place. I asked him where he is located and he...
I agree with grimslade and jsherman02. Drummond fits narrower than the Weymouth.
My first contribution for the year. I purchased a pair of C&J Drummond before the new year from PLAL. I also have a pair of C&J Weymouth. I figure we can do a side by side comparison between the infamous 337 last (Weymouth) vs. the new comer 348 last (Drummond). From the top looking down, it appears the 348 is a bit more sleeker and slightly longer. I ordered both in UK 8.5E. The length of the sole was 12 inches on the 337 and 12.25 inches on the 348 while...
This my friend, is the infamous AF26 from Alden of Carmel. You are not going to see this anywhere else, they are exclusive to this retailer. I bought a pair recently. Granted that they are a bit expensive, but they are well worth the money IMHO. The welt (i.e. the edges of the sole) sticks out a bit and they came with the commando sole, you can wear them with cords, jeans and flannel dress pants. I will even try to wear them with a suit.
Kent brushes are good. I have the CC20 and CP6. Ordered on line and shipped to Canada. I used the discount code GBK1777. Not sure if it still works.
The infamous Hunt Derby at an excellent BIN price. If these were in my size, I would take them in a heart beat. Weston has been known to have strange sizes, make sure you see the measurements provided by the seller. Excellent return policy and pretty good feedback as well. http://cgi.ebay.com/J-M-Weston-brand...QQcmdZViewItem
I did a search but can't seem to find any info. Can I trouble someone to show me how? The pictures I have are JPEG. Thanks.
This seller has a bunch of top notch suits and jackets currently listed. Here is the link: http://stores.ebay.com/Sartoriale Excellent seller BTW.
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