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Quote: Originally Posted by Roger Oh, baby: http://cgi.ebay.com/JOHN-LOBB-Vintag...QQcmdZViewItem +1 These are really nice. With 6 days to go, it will be interesting to watch.
Hey Ron, Is it me? I can't seem to see the pictures even when I click on them.
You guys are incredible. Did you stay up late just to get the list? Seems like Bealieu in dark oak is listed everywhere. That was my first choice, but someone had already taken that. Bought the Hythe 888 burnt pine instead. Good luck.
Hey Joel, I hear you. It is pretty tough. I know you are a frag connoisseur, do it for your nose. If you have any children or plan to have them, do it for them. If you want to live a little longer and harvest what you have sown, do it for your health. I quit for about 7 years now since my son was born. My sense of smell isn't great to begin with because I have allergies. It gets easier once the ball gets rolling. Good luck.
Read this article from the Global and Mail this morning. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servl...tory/lifeWork/ Poor Arnold, he just doesn't get any respect....... Granted the break of the pants (person to the left is Arnold) is a tad bit too long. I don't think they should judge the book by its cover. I heard Arnold wears Lattanzi. If this is the case, his shoes probable cost more than what the reporter and/or "image consultant" makes in a month!
Quote: Originally Posted by MrRogers Aportnoy, gorgeous as always but I have to ask....how many pairs of shoes do you own? Any chance of a closet/storage shot? MrR Hey Andrew, I was going to ask you the same thing. You do indeed have a very very nice collection of exceptionally well made shoes. Do you get to wear them at least once a month in your rotation? My guess is no....
Let's help a fellow Canadian here. Both Drizzt3117 & Joel got me started in Basenote. Information there is very valuable. As a Canadian, you may not be able to get some of the suggested frags here. May I make one more suggestion, I like Hermes Terre'd Hermes. To my untrained nose, it starts out with a citrus/neroli scent, dries down to a sweet vanilla scent. It is not over powering and I enjoy wearing it. Like many who have said here, you will have to sample many...
Hey Tattersall, I have the same pair. I have put a bit of burgundy shoe polish (Lincoln) on them and they look rather stunning.
I bought 3 small and 2 medium for my US size 9D. Had some problems fitting the medium with the standard US 9D, but on a 8.5E UK 337 last, the medium fits perfectly. Had an interesting problem with one of the small. The front of the tree was small, but the back (heel) part was I suspect, medium. Sent a note to Rodney at Cedarville. Woodlore sent me a replacement at no additional cost to me. That's what I call excellent customer service. I did notice the box now says...
Adam used to be in Carmel. I believe he is in Washington now. I purchased the AF26 and had them shipped to Canada. I was concerned about providing my information through the Internet. But this forum and many of its members have recommended very highly of Adam. He even offered full returns if they didn't fit. I am very happy with Adam's offering and his service is top-notch.
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