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Hi guys, Just a simple question. I have been asked to verified my Paypal account with a bank account number (in order to lift the limit). In the past, my purchases through Paypal have gone through my credit card. With the verification, are new purchases going directly through my bank account (i.e. $$ is taken out directly from the account)? Or, will they still show up on my credit card? Thanks.
PM you on the Incotex 36.
Had a flu for a little while, still not 100%. Requested samples from Montale. Sampling Red Oud today. It has a sweet caramel smell to it. The oud is there, but not as loud as the Black Oud.
Wow EL72, nice shoes. A bit too busy from the side IMHO, with a swan neck (Edward Green)?
Parfum d'Empire - Iskander for me today. Citrus (lemon) and refreshing.
Thanks Thomas. Quick and easy. Update: Proposed an even split on the lost. Seller agreed and reimbursed me.
Hey everyone, Need your expert opinions and advice here relating to my misadventure with an UK eBay seller (A Power Seller with excellet feedback so far). I am from Canada. Please forgive me for such a long winded message and for hijacking a new thread for my own benefit. I know there is a separate eBay thread in the BS forum. I thought I should start a new one as I hope it will get more exposure. Moderator, if you want to move this, please feel free to do...
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 No black dover!! (or any black split toe for that matter). Darn, I got mine from the July 07 EG sale. I agree, black doesn't do the Dover any justice. But the price was too good to pass up. Anyway, I digress. Hallam would be my pick as well. You will also save some $$ as this is only benchgrade.
I have Chergui, FT and Vetiver Oriental from the SL line. I agree they are very "syrupy" and sweet, but they last a very long time. I think they are more suitable in the cold (read freaking freezing) weather, espeically when it is -15 C to - 30 C outside in the Great White North. More of a warm and comfort scent I think. I can't imagine wearing these in the summer. My SOTD is Domenico Caraceni. Someone suggested this as a cool weather scent. I quite enjoy wearing it.
Quote: Originally Posted by EnglishGent Trying the last of my samples from Floris, No. 89. Was looking forward to this for the obvious Bond reasons. It's starting to settle now and becoming more enjoyable, but I really didn't like the way it opened on me, almost a baby powder smell. I was expecting something great, but the initial blast really gave me a strong baby powder smell as well, I washed it off immediately without waiting for the...
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