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Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas What, pray tell, does a French Lover smell like? I've not had the pleasure. I am not good in describing the scent. But there are a few experts on Basenote who summed this up rather nicely and I have quoted their reviews below. Apologise for taking up too much space. I experienced a strong angelica opening and the drydown of oakmoss with a hint of vetiver. A woody scent IMHO. I like to wear this in the...
Today, it is FM French Lover. Despite what others have said about this scent, I quite like it. Can't argue about the name though.....
Sampling CDG - Sequoia. I am told CDG is discontinuing this, have to make up my mind whether to buy a bottle.
Sampling Domenico Caraceni - the most masculine Rose scent IMHO so far.
Same weather in the Great White North. I wanted a bit more incense. I am sampling CDG Zagorsk. Don't know if I like it that much to buy a bottle. I sampled Kyoto, and I like it a bit more.
Today I feel a bit mysterious. With the cool weather, I am wearing FM Carnal Flower.
Another L'Artisan fan, Mechant Loup for me today. It is chilly but sunny today and this scent is very well suited for this kind of weather.
Today I am wearing FM French Lover. Just one of those days that I don't want to wear anything fruity. As for Chez Bond from Bond No.9, I think it is a classic scent. The notes are very very similar to GIT from Creed IMHO. It is a anytime anywhere scent.
MPG - Racine for me today in the Great White North. Sunny and a bit humid, perfect for this scent IMHO.
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