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Quote: Originally Posted by Kid Nickels ......nouveau riche Chinese who don't know shit from shinola. Not nearly as prevalent in Taiwan in my experience.... in fact, it's usually the foreigners (e.g. Americans) who are made fun of by the Taiwanese for their lack of style and general douchery. Just sayin.... Ha, ha that's funny. The circle of life/lifestyle....Westernized.....douchery........ The nouveau rich often associates brand name as...
You have mold on them. Detergent and hot (I suggest) wash is a must. Kiya has spoken, he knows his stuff. You might also air dry them under the sun (or use the dryer).
Wash them in the washing machine. These are raw, but they are sanforized already. Shrinkage should be minimal. Some loss in indigo, but its way better than dry clean/wash cloth/throwing them away.
As the global food supply chain is getting more and more integrated, my grim prediction is that someday, someone you know will get hurt from unknowingly eating these types of adulterated food. Finding and tracing the origin will be very complicated and you may never get a complete closure on the matter. On a related note (and perhaps it has been discussed here before), type "Meat glue" in Google search and you will be surprised of what it can do. Eating "prime cut"...
Quote: Originally Posted by 1969 The use of antibiotics in chickens bred for slaughter is not allowed by the USDA. Would love to know/read more about this.
Quote: Originally Posted by rjsphd I am also looking at a Canali jacket and was wondering about the word "Proposta". Does it signify a lower/higher end line for Canali or a style? If I recall correctly, it is their lower diffusion line. Not made the same as the main line.
Pics for sure. May I ask how much you paid for them?
Stop, before you dig yourself deeper into all kinds of trouble. Post the pic of your collection please .....
So much goodness in this thread. Excellent seller BTW. Good luck on the sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo ^Its because they pump the chickens full of saline solution. I believe its 20%. Really !
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