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Ok, I am US9 and I take U last in 42.5 and I am told I should be 42 in the F last (though I don't have a pair in F last to confirm).
Although I have no previous experience with either labels, from what I can read/see online, Viberg probably comes out on top. They are expensive and they have an exclusive line (and numerous collaborations) that are being sold to retailers in Japan. Not cheap but top notch quality in materials and construction. I think Leffot has it. Made in Canada too!
It takes ages for me to load a page or call up a thread, perhaps I am at work (security/firewall etc.) I can see in the bottom screen and it counts the # of items being loaded. Will try again at home.
Just read this. Harbin, man the f-ck up and get it straighten out. Mods rarely step into B&S, but the evidence shows you are trying to scam people on the forum.
8.5 US should be a 42 in U Last, and 9 should be a 42.5 based on my experience.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart the full on canadian postal strike started last friday, up til then it was only 24 hr strikes isolated to single any USPS deliveries to canada sent last week will probably get stuck in limbo until the strike is called off It looks like we will have to wait to get the goodies from SE.
Excellent selection and prices. Good luck with the sale!
Correct me if I am wrong. The suit is made up by the cloth from Zegna, correct?
You can get them pressed as often as you like, if you want to have a nice and crisp fold in the centerline of the legs. As for dry cleaning, it all depends on the usage. If they are dirty because of spills, food particles etc, then I would recommend you to dry cleaning them immediately. I only dry clean my pants at most twice a year. In the mean time, I use a cloth/wool brush to brush them off everytime I finished wearing them and hang them upside down in an attempt...
And if the stores don't have your size, buy a bigger size (say 38 if you are a 34) and have your cobbler shorten it for you.
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