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Pics for sure. May I ask how much you paid for them?
Stop, before you dig yourself deeper into all kinds of trouble. Post the pic of your collection please .....
So much goodness in this thread. Excellent seller BTW. Good luck on the sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo ^Its because they pump the chickens full of saline solution. I believe its 20%. Really !
Been to Studio Kim and was told they can't do chain stitch because they don't have the Union. Got them hemmed anyway, no problem what so ever. They also fixed my crotch blow out and did a fairly decent job on it.
Apologize to derail the thread. Let me ask a question in a different situation. If there is a 3 seater in a fairly open space on a train, the 2 isle seats are taken but the middle seat is empty. Would you move over to the middle seat if asked by a women? She seems to be healthy and able. I prefer the isle seat and I lined up early just to get one of them.
Damn, I just cut off the "Hugo Boss" tag on the sleeves of my suit and overcoat , !
Nice suit. Might want to mention working button holes. It should be gone rather quickly. Free bump.
Watch out for their ties. They are well made, but they are very delicate. Let's see the shirt when you get it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Towers I think it's tough for people to buy nice shoes they will be trudging through slush and salt 5 months a year. I usually switch to crappy rubber-soled winners specials once the snow starts to fall, and they're ready for the garbage come spring. +1. I know what you mean. I put on topy when it is ugly outside. But I will never put my nicer shoes in them. I keep a pair or two in the office, so that they will...
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