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Excellent selection and prices. Good luck with the sale!
F--k him. How about those bodies buried in the rubbles of the WTC? To give him a proper burial will give him closure. I am sorry I have a strong opinion on this. Although I was on the 57th floor of a building in a different place during that horrible day, I can still vividly remember the terrible images and the horror in peoples eyes.
Correct me if I am wrong. The suit is made up by the cloth from Zegna, correct?
Why TF does he want to do that? OSL does not deserve any more notoriety or fame (for a lack of a better word) after what he did to the Americans.
You can get them pressed as often as you like, if you want to have a nice and crisp fold in the centerline of the legs. As for dry cleaning, it all depends on the usage. If they are dirty because of spills, food particles etc, then I would recommend you to dry cleaning them immediately. I only dry clean my pants at most twice a year. In the mean time, I use a cloth/wool brush to brush them off everytime I finished wearing them and hang them upside down in an attempt...
And if the stores don't have your size, buy a bigger size (say 38 if you are a 34) and have your cobbler shorten it for you.
Hockey jersey are meant to be worn over protective equipment while playing. They are quite generous in terms of sizing. If you are going to wear it casually (i.e. not actually playing hockey), get the smallest size that would fit your chest and shoulders. You can get into youth sizing, but you may run into trouble with shorter sleeves.
Sad to say, it is a dying profession. Many of the stuff we buy nowadays are disposable. Don't be surprise we will eventually need to mail the shoes many miles / km in order to get a good cobbler to fix them.
Let's do Lobb and Edward Greens I know about Uggs/Crocs, why pick JM Westons to make fakes?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kid Nickels ......nouveau riche Chinese who don't know shit from shinola. Not nearly as prevalent in Taiwan in my experience.... in fact, it's usually the foreigners (e.g. Americans) who are made fun of by the Taiwanese for their lack of style and general douchery. Just sayin.... Ha, ha that's funny. The circle of life/lifestyle....Westernized.....douchery........ The nouveau rich often associates brand name as...
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