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Took advantage of the sale, but shipping / DHL charges / Canadian duties leave much to be desired.....
Have a few pair of shoes/boots for sale. Prefer local cash pick up.  Financial district Monday to Friday.  PM for details or any questions you have.   First up is a pair of spectator from Vass. Brand new, U last in size 43.  Includes bags, trees and a slightly scuffed up box. CAD $800.         Next is a pair of Red Wing moc toe boots in cherry / burgundy.  Brand new in box. These are centennial limited edition.   Red Wing's logo on the upper shaft.  Size...
How about from our own Hanger Project :
I don't think you can take the pleats out. It will completely alter the dimensions and the tailor will need to re-cut your pants..
Not sure if this works for you. The store (Haven) is in Toronto, Canada:
After reading the comments on this section, I finally got my hands on a Stark. Never really thought about wearing a cardigan, but the price was too good. I wear a size 42 jacket with a little bit of room. I went for a large and it worked out for me (no pics though). Got mine at Nomad (Toronto). All in was C$221 at today's FX rate, that's ~U$150 excluding shipping outside of Canada. Excellent deal if you are looking for one.
Thanks for posting this. The additional 10% is still going on over the weekend.SNS Herning Stark all in was C$221 - that's U$150 excluding shipping if you live outside of Canada.
Just re reading this thread. I have not tried other proxy service, but I have been using SuToCorp for a number of years and have not had any issues (knock on wood). They have been prompt and courteous in responding to my inquiries and updating me with my order status. They also have occasional promotions giving you a break on service fee
Shipping is a negative for me.
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