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Quote: Originally Posted by videocrew I've always assumed that belts should be buckled to the middle hole. +1. The middle hole.
Serpentine, I am told, is in Hazelton Lane, Yorkville: Never been there myself. Some well known brands.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Maybe they last longer? Just a thought, I really don't know... Not true. Creed (a few that I have tried) are notorioulsy fleeting. Although it depends on a wearer's skin chemistry, this is the view share by many people.
Marketing and the brand play a big part. How about natural vs. synthetics? Montale is famous for his "rose" scents. It literally requires a ton of roses in order to get a few quarts of essense/oils. If you were to use synthetics, you can bypass this process and mix chemicals/aromatics together. You should post this question on the Health section. We do have a few knowledgeable fragrance experts on the forum.
I thought it was the middle button.
You can also call you previous colleagues and solicit them for business.
The 100% cashmere is $299, but there is a discount if you sign up as a member. I didn't bother, the price is excellent in the first place.
I have also taken the liberty to place an order. Very good prices on the coat.
Can't believe it. I watched the first 2 periods and thought that Team Canada would have it in the bag. The third period, what a disappointment!
You mean Robert Jones not "Roger". Can't afford them, but will check them out. Any "good" deals at BB? Last time I heard they were having a 40% sale.
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