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Yeah, I am not sure if the kids (in the age 5 to 7 bracket) entirely get his humour. It was entertaining.
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen Call me crazy but I would never put snoseal or polish on shell cordovan. +1. I thought (by conventional SF thinking) that you should not put anything on cordovan. I see you are applying it on the welt. Does the cordovan absorb any snoseal? Or are you simply rubbing it off when you brush/buff it?
These are cotton right? Cotton will stretch if you sit down and cross your leg a lot (and for a long period of time). I get the same problem wearing chino, ditto to jeans as well. Warm/hot washing may help, but it may shrink in other places.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Sweet shoes, if the soles are in good condition, it would be a nice kop. +1. But the seller had a few -ive feedback.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joenobody0 Is that your dress shoe size? If so your sizing doesn't make any sense to me. I wear a US 7 or 7.5 in Alden dress shoes, a UK 6.5 in the C&J 325 last and a UK 6.5 in the Lobb 7000 last. Either your shoes are too big or they don't fit your feet well. If they're too big get ready to experiment with pads and insoles. +1. I am a US 9, and I wear CJ in 8.5 and a possibly an 8. But 7.5 will just be too small....
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC There are a fair number of shoes made by 'Laszlo Budapest' - can anyone offer any insight? I suspect the person selling these in Germany is actually the rep for Vass in Germany. I am also curious to know.
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC Cheap BIN (€189) on a pair of decent-looking Vass. Thanks, looking for the exact same shoe. Minimal wear on the sole. There is a bunch of new Vass Budapester on eBay Germany. Very good prices IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou 21oz IH 634s are surpisingly not rigid. +1. They are quite comfortable to wear even at this weight!
Quote: Originally Posted by crosswound i thought i was imagining things so i went to a tailor to have the 634sb inseam measured seems like one side is hemmed to the length i asked but the other side is a little under inch longer lol. guess i only noticed this more because it was a straight cut and no matter how i wore them one side of the leg looked baggier than the other no matter what. so i thought i was going crazy. pay $400 for some nice denim off...
Congrats! Take good care of your wife and the little one.
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