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Jack Purcell Signature 9 Converse 70's 8.5 Allen Edmonds 9 Alden (Barrie last) 8.5 CP Achilles Low (don't own any) but am told I should be a 42
Finally got them today and they smell real nice straight out of the box!  I am a US 9 and I ordered a pair in 42.  They fit me well.  I was a bit worried on sizing but they turned out to be spot on.
Thanks, Fok.  The W&H twill pants are on sale in the webstore.  They are going for a song given the current F/X rates.
 Fok,  a quick question for you.  I think you got the W&H Field pants, do you like the fit?  I read the descriptions in the W&H webshop and noticed they said relaxed seat.  Are they meant to be "baggy"?  
 Kafka has white, but unfortunately not in your size (i.e. 41).  They have a number of off-whites as well.How did you base your sizing on?  If you are size 9 (US), would you be in 42 / 43 (according to End clothing)?
 I must confess - me too.  I went with the same size in CP (though I don't own any!).  I will report back when I get them - may take up to 2 weeks as I am in the Great White North (aka Canada).
Now that you got my interest, I am a US 9 and 42 in CP.  What size would you recommend in Zespa?
 Which colour did you buy?  Debating between the grey and black.
I read this and did the same on a purchase of JE Villain.  Need Supply credited me the difference, no questions asked.  Kudos to op and Need Supply - a customer for life!
You need to check out Self Edge or Blue in Green.
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