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How likely would The Bureau further markdown their already sale prices? I recall unlikey, but just want to make sure.
It worked! Thanks for the code on Unionmade.
Is it on top of the current 40%? Where to enter the code? In the coupon code box? I tried, but I didn't see any changes on the price.
This may have been discussed already. Would you recommend putting Obenauf's LP onto rough out leathers (i.e. suede)? I am looking at a pair of rough out leather workboots. Does it gum up the leather and would it be completely absorbed by the leather?
Sigh....really hate to find out things that you want are not on sale when you call them.
Ok, I am US9 and I take U last in 42.5 and I am told I should be 42 in the F last (though I don't have a pair in F last to confirm).
Although I have no previous experience with either labels, from what I can read/see online, Viberg probably comes out on top. They are expensive and they have an exclusive line (and numerous collaborations) that are being sold to retailers in Japan. Not cheap but top notch quality in materials and construction. I think Leffot has it. Made in Canada too!
It takes ages for me to load a page or call up a thread, perhaps I am at work (security/firewall etc.) I can see in the bottom screen and it counts the # of items being loaded. Will try again at home.
Just read this. Harbin, man the f-ck up and get it straighten out. Mods rarely step into B&S, but the evidence shows you are trying to scam people on the forum.
8.5 US should be a 42 in U Last, and 9 should be a 42.5 based on my experience.
New Posts  All Forums: