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Unfortunately, shipping to USA only.
A shout out to Kafka.  Purchased something over the holidays and the goods were delivered via UPS.  I asked to declare a nominal value but it was too late.  Got the bill yesterday for the usual tax/customs/brokerage fees.  Vented my "frustration" with Kafka and they refunded 1/2 of what I have to pay to cover the bill.  Not a sizable amount, but it was a nice gesture!
$28 for chain stitch is about right.  Not sure who else can do chain stitch in the city.
Ok folks.  Can't edit my old post.FYI - I got Zespa in size 42.   The box sizing shows:  UK8    U.S. 8.5    FR42
Though I don't own the boots, I think "indents on the upper are meant for wrapping laces around" is a nice touch.  A small design tweak which tidied up unruly shoelaces.
What size are you, CanadaCal?
There is a separate Zespa thread.   FYI - I am US 9 and I am told I should be 42 in CP.  I bought 42 in Zespa and they fit me perfectly.
To be discreet, can we use PM instead?
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