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Shipping is a negative for me.
For BIG - Gordon is your man.For SE NY - Andrew is your man. As a matter of fact, anyone from SE can help you. They have a vendor thread here. Kiya is the owner and he knows everything about denim.
Does it (i.e. error in measurements) happen all the time?
Hate FedEx. They will not collect the $ on delivery, but they will send you an invoice after a couple of weeks.
FACK FACK FACK from Unionmade....purchase was made on Monday and I got this today: Unfortunately we regret to confirm that the XXXX was indeed sold in-store. We were trying to locate one for you which is why we had the delay in communication. We do indeed pull inventory from our brick and mortar store here in San Francisco and during sales our traffic spikes enormously. While we make every effort to get to each on-line order ASAP, we do get to each one in order that they...
How likely would The Bureau further markdown their already sale prices? I recall unlikey, but just want to make sure.
It worked! Thanks for the code on Unionmade.
Is it on top of the current 40%? Where to enter the code? In the coupon code box? I tried, but I didn't see any changes on the price.
This may have been discussed already. Would you recommend putting Obenauf's LP onto rough out leathers (i.e. suede)? I am looking at a pair of rough out leather workboots. Does it gum up the leather and would it be completely absorbed by the leather?
Sigh....really hate to find out things that you want are not on sale when you call them.
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