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I missed out on a pair of Jcrew Tan Renegades. Can anyone help a brother out on finding a pair?
I sent you a pm.
sigh. i want all 3 Barbour® Derwent jacket Belstaff® Roadmaster jacket Belstaff® panther jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by pokpok yep, i just asked when the red chambray is releasing in stores and online, and he offered me the option of preordering. soooo tempted to get that preorder. Im praying my connect comes through, if not it looks like im going to jcrew on the 23.
With all this talk about final sales, I went to the jcrew at roosevelt field mall. Talk about slim pickings, the only deal i saw was 2 for 20 on those timex straps. Other than that it seemed like everything else was retail. They did have plenty of womens clothes on sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by videocrew Word on the street from my parent's local store is to expect a new shipment tomorrow, possibly even that red selvage chambray they showed a while back. red selvage means instant buy! Ive been searching for a red chambray for a while now.
Quote: Originally Posted by mickeymickey Look for any chukka boot? Crockett & Jones makes a pointier chukka boot in a similar color. I checked this boot out and it wasn't too bad. Is there any reason why you're not just getting these boots? I cant spend $450 on those right now. Maybe itll be a birthday gift for myself. any other suggestions? Maybe its just me being picky but i just cant find cognac colored chukkas.
Can anyone help me find some boots similar to these made by whyred?
"also, does anyone have any idea on the difference in fit between the outlet chambrey utility shirt and the regular store one?" I was wondering the same thing "scored a lambswool navy pullover shawl sweater for 20 bucks" Where? the factory store? Does anyone know if factory stores ship via phone order?
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