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Ive had no issues with my toggle or peacoat from them. I bought them off of a member on here and theyve done great (with additional layering) at being a basic, decent quality coat. The right pocket on each of mine ripped out, but i tend to be dumb and put heavy and/or sharp objects into them.
I've got a great condition (been drycleaned twice while i owned it) Large EG workshirt(?) Only selling as it's not quite long enough for me on the torso area. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Also this really great over the top stars shirt. Huge awesome collar. Drycleaned about 2 months ago and not worn since...and pulling it out for photos is when i noticed the stupid orange stain midway down. Thanks for the bummer, dryclean lady! Edit:...
125 shipped. Seller was nice enough to offer a refund, so i won't go much below this. Get at me!
http://www.styleforum.net/t/262202/dry-bones-selvage-jeans-34-japanese-denim-tokyo# I recently purchased these from Blade107 who's a super awesome seller. Unfortunately i didn't look at the inseam, as all the other measurements worked for me. They seem like they were chainstitched mega pro style (maybe at self edge?) Either way, they're really great, would be my favorite pair if they fit me at all right. I'm simply reposting the ad with his permission. I think the...
If you can get a better picture of the crack ill probably cop these.
I would think that the relative short wheelbase of the jeep would be a detriment in the snow. That said, snow tires can make most any vehicle perform very well in the snow. This includes fwd econoboxes. If youre looking solely at snow performance, id just get a car with relatively good ground clearance (not a mazda protege etc) and put dedicated snow tires on it during the months where itd make sense to.
I love Grand Wagoneers, but this is straight up crack pipe price
Hey look, a post from someone with experience rather than ill-formed "opinions"! I stretched out to a bit above a 00g. I got some neat and well made designs from omericaorganic and loved them. If you AREN'T an idiot, you CAN go back without surgery. I was pierced at an 8g, and stretched SLOWLY and not by pushing the next size taper in, but by wrapping the jewelry that already fit with the tape used to better seal the threads on plumbing applcations. This tape is used...
Quote: Originally Posted by Birks and Grey Socks S2000 here. There are nicer convertibles, but no better sports cars for the money. This car is something else on a track. But if you are looking for more of a GT, pick something more comfortable. Mine is top down whenever it is above 5 degrees C. love the s2000 and im not at all trying to start a fight. with that preface, would you say the s2000 is a better sports car for the money than...
can you give the measurement from the pit to the bottom? These don't have the /\\ cut that most buttonups do on either side at the bottom, do they? If so can you give that measurement as well?
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