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I was thinking about this also. How do you determine a budget, and how much you should or shouldnt spend? I'm a full time college student in NY city, I make $225-250 per week as a part-time host. I spend $30-50 on groceries every 2 weeks, and every other week or so Ill drop like $30-60 on a book, or piece of clothing, or something off ebay. I know that just going by what 'feels' as not spending too much isn't practical, especially once I graduate. The other thing is,...
Forgot about this post. The starvation mode point is interesting. Beer and pizza isnt a part of my diet, just every now and then. What Ive been doing after reading J'aim's reply, is stocking up on more fatty stuff, eggs, peanut butter, avocados, nutella, milk... and trying to get a routine going. Unfortunately I dont have a scale, wish I did though.
Mics are definitely a low rise at 9.5, it really started to bug me after a while. i moved up an inch with a different brand, which is still a tad low for me.
cardigan - chest 37" comes down to 34"ish at the belly button. blue henley - 38" comes down to 36"ish. what do you mean a fuller pic?
Some impulse buys that have been sitting in my drawer. Decent quality stuff. Ungaro Homme. Light grey with magenta pinstripes, and subtle floral pattern. (Needs cufflinks , and caution- the sleeves and the shirt are very long even for me at 6'3", big collar). Never worn. Roda. Small (38/15). White with light green stripes. Worn once. Symbols Culture. Medium, Burgandy, Medium-Light weight though tightly knit. Never worn, no tags. Gazarinni. Medium....
Hi, I live in a dorm building in NYC. Theres a wide ledge that goes all the way around the 15th floor. Would it be against the law to occupy it, as in stand or sit there? *I know this is a random question, but Im not really on any other forums so I figured Id ask here. thanks.
well, kinda, mercury has always mesmerized me, since childhood. also im in college and my areas of focus being sustainable design, environmental politics, and such im aware of the implications this object, and that itd be a bit hypocritical of me to wear one. still, this stuff is so cool.
theyre not essential.
anyone know where to get these? mercury filled pendant necklace.
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