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well I am in college. I was gonna try to make some pan fried brie.
quick question. thanks.
Hi. Is there a material / canvas that has similar qualities as cardboard? What I mean is that soft vine charcoal really sticks to it, but at the same time you can easily wipe clean without a trace, and at the same time you dont really need an easel or backboard. The problem with cardboard is the ripples, and it's quite dark. Thanks for any suggestions.
I work at a decent restaurant / bar in soho. Yea... most of us from time to time get a bit lonely, and go to a cafe with a book to read for the hell of it, which is fine. What bothers me about some of these people that are out alone are the ones trying to appear that they're not alone. It's not uncommon to have 3 or 4 or 5 people sitting at this nice cozy bar, staring down at their cell phones, taking a sip, check phone, sip, phone.. etc. I mean wouldnt it be a bit more...
I feel like a sales person for this brand, but seeing as how youre in NYC, scope out Daffy's for patrizia pepe. Im 6'3", 165ish, 39" chest. I don't even have to try the pieces on anymore, I just look at the tag for a 48 Medium. The one at Grand has a huge selection at the moment...
How does this show work?
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn It's fairly thick, but not very bulky. I got the watch last night, and it's a beauty in simplicity. I'm a fan. Now I just need to find a good strap for it. Any recommendations for a black or dark navy strap? Any chance you post of pic of it on? thank you
I do like that Seiko, and price, but is it not extremely thick at 11.2 mm? Any similar faces around this price range, whatever brand? (Im a student, so not really looking for high quality...)
chicka chicka whaw whaw
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