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Hi. Just seeing if anyone has a bag they no longer use. Looking for black or dark grey leather or canvas. I dont like extra buckles or straps, and fairly slim since I only carry one or two textbooks. Thanks. Similar to this: colehaan
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragon Sorry if this has already come up, but escalators are pissing me off lately. I usually ride the escalator side-by-side with my wife and people behind think they have the right of way to pass even if there is no space. Seems like they think there is some rule that you are supposed to line up single file and I am the one blocking traffic. If you are in such a hurry, take the damn stairs! Yep.. that rule does...
I've never been in line for more then 10 minutes-ish. Anyhow I picked a couple of these Ahi steaks up. Besides rice, whats something easy to serve them with? I have a bunch of avocados.. maybe a tomato / avocado salsa?
I liked these as well until I saw them in person at Bloomingdale's. The way the weird front juts out makes them look like theyre 5 sizes larger. Not interested.
So wait, this stuff came in last Friday or will this Friday? I've been meaning to check out their khakis, so I'll probably be there either way.
When watching a foreign film with subtitles someone cites a phrase, proverb, sentence, etc. that has a rhyme in it. How does it rhyme in one language as well as in English.
8/10. My sneaker collection : White Samba Classics and a pair of gray Converse Premiers.
I'll throw in what I can, not sure itll be any help. I'm not sure how many people aside from the dozens of members on here are willing to buy more then 2 or 3 pairs of jeans in a short time. I might be a minority in this area, I bought from you a pair of Mic's exactly one year ago, and haven't had any urge to look for a second pair until just recently. So as for non-denim stuff, in addition to your stock of higher quality brands, maybe you could look around for some...
It smells like nothing, and looks fine. So I made my crumbs. Thank you.
its needs one of these
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