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^^^ Yea, going along with that. I'd just do the basics for lanky / skinny / tall body types. (Solid tops, khakis, Sweaters), affordable of course. Theres only one brand that puts out this type of fit (and I have atleast 10 or 12 pieces from them ). I can usually find 31x34 pants anywhere, but as for tops, Id be like a 36 or 38XL, So its not like I can just get everything tailored... Oh and a hoody with big buttons, but I see its being done.
yes to nyc. but i dont really like it, im too used to philadelphia's water.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Also, most schools don't expose you to alternative careers. Good luck! I'm 21, looking back at high school and even into my first year of college at PSU, I realized how naive I was about the world and career paths. I was in my first year of college undecided/clueless (for me it could've been anything; food science, photojournalism, radiology, whatever...) then just by chance, I found out about a...
Man, I lost a good 6-8 pounds after my first semester away from home.. Guess Im not normal.
If an Americano is a shot plus water, couldnt you just pull a shot for an extended length? wouldnt that basically be the same ?
my socks are just about all gray ones, with some subtle patterns.
fashion of the future.. vintage all-over look? Would these look good as dressy jeans?
For a tall skinny frame, J.crew- no. Uniqlo's are the best fitting, but I just dont like the oatmeal color. The search continues...
Im turned off by that obnoxious logo. No, I'm just curious to alternatives / bargains.
never opened, with warantee. $310 shipped, ready to be shipped.
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