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People DO buy $1000 small things, don't they? Well we will eventually.
Yep, I know. And I also realized I just used to word green. "put it in writing"
As a student whose areas of focus are on sustainable lifestyles, urban development, and environmentally-friendly design, I refuse to use the word 'green', in person or in writing. I am going on almost two years now. Yes, it annoys me.
Quote: Originally Posted by selbsttatig Just bought these today. They're going to take a while to get here though. it's been a while since a pair of shoes have caught my eye, id love to see some more pics of these.
Just curious, mine stopped working after 5 months and I dont know if I should get another.. its only a few bucks but still..
patrizia pepe. i love how their Medium tops are long enough for me at 6'3". (jeans by the same brand btw.)
For me, it's these, by far. My other pairs get virtually no compliments :
Maybe I'll just print out the pics in the Fa-reaks of nature thread and hang them up in my roommate's room.
I was thinking a compilation of screen shots from a movie in chronological order... Any ideas at all would be great. I dont care how silly. I was even thinking a photo of a door and hanging it up on the side of a building...
:Warning: Slow PC's should skip Page 1 All I can think of is a cityscape panorama, but thats a boring and I wouldn't want it hanging up in my room. Any ideas? Thanks. Eh, I put it up on craigslist (Manhattan if anyone is interested).
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