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thats what she said. hands down favorite for me. i had to hold it in last time, im on a crowded elevator in my dorm building in the city, the students and their parents were moving out. i was the last one getting in the elevator, so i had to keep getting out every single floor (15 floors).. someone's mom says to me: "aw its just in and out, in and out, non-stop for you..." me (in my head): "thats what she said" another favorite phrase, to wrap up this post; "you had to...
The cringe / shudder feeling is what I was curious about. I don't know anyone in the medical / law profession, and I've wondered if its the same thing as when those of us in the creative fields look back on our work; well-written crap. Personally, I only e-save the best of the best of my work (just a few things so far), which I know I'll delete the day I graduate; it's just my nature.
I refuse to associate or do business with anyone who says "kudos".
Typical work such as weekly assignments and papers, etc. do you save them after the school year is over? And those of you that are long out of school, do you ever read your old stuff?
random: next time you watch a bath product commercial, and sometimes in movies or tv shows, notice the person will wash the back of his or her shoulder. i know how stupid this sounds. but i dont think ive ever bothered to wash that part of my body, its like scrubbing your waist, quite pointless, though people on tv are always doing it.
I have like 15 basic pieces from Patrizia Pepe that can be found in Daffy's. $20-30 for a tshirt may seem pricey, but its as if all the pieces are made for my lanky body type 6'3", 39" chest, so I end up 'stocking up' when I come across this brand. Not to mention I overheard one of the employees saying PP pieces retail for like 100-200+ euros for the shirts or jeans.
Ive always had good normal vision for a 21 y/o, but I guess I spent way too much time at the computer this semester, and now I can barely make out letters on the TV from my usual seat at home. Will it get back to normal if I abstain from reading so much?
So my folks moved over a year ago into a modest, early suburb right outside of the city, one of those neighborhoods without sidewalks or curbs where the lawns go right up to the unevenly paved over streets. Most houses have a boulder or two on the dge of their lawns to protect it. It's quiet, which I guess is why every house has several birdhouses hanging up on the fully grown trees in their lawns. Anyway, there's a man directly across the street that lives by himself, who...
so i spent a good 7 or 8 hours browsing through artstor (high resolution images) this is what i have so far for my print: the painting by laylah ali (the 4 characters running) is 50 inches across...
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