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As much advice-seeking and reading about the future that you do, major moments of insight and perspective about what you should do with your life will only come with time. What I'm saying is, most people will do what youre doing: "My passion for cooking I'll weigh 10 units, vs. law which I'll give 6 units, plus making money 6 units, more future options 2 units.. hmm that equals 14 which is more then 10 so I'll go with law..." But in reality, in my opinion, you can't weigh...
I'm looking for pretty much a khaki colored jean that is thick and can be worn-in, not the lightweight flimsy Jcrew pants or khaki colored slacks. Yoox.com has 17 pages of khakis, better get crackin.
Didn't have any luck on google. Thanks for any help.
I've never heard of this. Is this really a hit with the ladies? hm... i like the idea of feta or goat cheese, maybe with some pine nuts and honey. I have no idea what kind of flavors to expect.
Quote: Originally Posted by calbee I've got about 15-20 pairs, I just stack them up and try to wear them in rotation so everyone gets the same love...
... nm. Going to call tomorrow. )
sold. ty.
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