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You could put a yoga mat on top of a long enough coffee table, and lay down with your legs hanging off and do leg lifts to work your abs. Well that's what I do, I'm not expert.
For me, all 3. I'd say 70% Loans, 20% parents, 10% from PT job.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jumbie I don't think they did. Well number 1 is quite likely. Ever had a bill come up to let's say $2.05 and you given them $5.05 and they try to give you the 5c back and tell you that you're giving them too much money? Or when you give them the $5 bill, then you fish around your pockets and find a nickel and give it to them, to try to make the transaction 'easier'. But instead they freeze up for a minute trying...
Quote: Originally Posted by zegogglestheydonothing I'm sorry, but you "get compliments" for wearing black, white and grey t-shirts??? That's not really believable, and kind of sad. (and yes, I realize that this is a really old post) That's what it's all about, going out in the most basic well-fitting clothes and feeling confident and getting attention. edit: this is my 'style philosophy', if you will. (hence why I don't post in WAYWT). A...
[b]bach[b/] - the colors don't match or compliment. plus pairing heavy denim with a polo just seems kind of off, though a white one would work . newthunder - nice. can't wait to start seeing your summer wardrobe.
So there are people that will put up listings that say 'Availible in September" ? Also, what's the different (on craigslist) between apt's and room/shares?
I'm out of state for the summer, so I'm relying on craigslist, roomateclick, and word-of-mouth from friends in NYC/Brooklyn to find a room. My question is, I plan to move in Sept 1st, so is right now too early to start looking and trying to make arragements, should I wait until mid-August or so? Thanks But seriously though, no, there aren't. Atleast not in popular American clothing (Le Tigre, Penquin, BR, all too short). Though you might get lucky with some indie/boutique brands in the city. But I'd recommend checking some european stuff on yoox. I'm Medium in these T's (im 6'3", 170 lbs, 39" chest), which reaches just below my below on lowrise jeans. As for...
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